Lan Ngoc reunited with her "darling" in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz

Quỳnh QuỳnhMay 14, 2024 at 10:25

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Since the announcement that she would temporarily leave Vietnamese showbiz to go abroad to improve her professional skills, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc's every move has attracted public attention. The actress also updated her first images abroad.

Just as previously announced, a few days ago Lan Ngoc left to study abroad in Australia. Vbiz's "pearl lady" course is expected to take place in 2 months, which means that during this time she will be temporarily absent from Vietnamese showbiz. Lan Ngoc does not "stay hidden" but still comfortably appears on livestream, updating daily life images.

On the morning of the weekend (May 12), the actress showed off moments of reunion with relatives abroad. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc once shared one of the reasons she chose to go to Australia because she had acquaintances here. In addition, the "pearl lady" also took advantage of the opportunity to dress up beautifully to take check-in photos to o.ff her new living environment. It can be seen that Lan Ngoc maintains a cheerful, bright and energetic look to begin implementing the plan to improve her acting skills.

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 1

Previously, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also affirmed that she would not leave showbiz but would only limit her activities in the next 2 months: "It's not 'absent' or 'absent', everyone. Ngoc only went to school for a short time. After completing her studies, Ngoc will return to Vietnam immediately. Everyone, please rest assured!

As for whether she has regrets, Ngoc thinks that when she decided to go to school, it means she doesn't feel regretful. Instead, Ngoc must also make up her mind to try to study and improve herself more so that she can become more and more perfect and better. Ngoc will still update information and images through social networking platforms. We're only apart for a short time. Everyone, don't forget Ngoc!".

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 2

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 3

Recently, the story of Lan Ngoc leaving showbiz to study abroad has become a topic of discussion across forums. Specifically, in the program "Beautiful G.irl Who Turns the Wind and Waves" , the "pearl lady" of Vietnamese cinema announced that she would arrange work to go to Australia to learn more to improve her qualifications and skills in the profession.

This decision of Lan Ngoc made many people confused and even Lan Ngoc herself had to admit: "I don't know if everyone goes to school, but when I go to school, it's very stormy. I don't think it's my business to go to school." So many people are interested in going to school, so there are so many stories going around that I don't know if I will actually go to school or not."

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 4

The actress also denied rumors of going to Australia to give birth: "Ngoc thanks everyone for their support in going to extra school. Ngoc is not sure what she will learn, how good she will be, and how good she will be. No matter how high you think, that is your aspiration for the career that Ngoc pursues. It's gentle, not putting too much emphasis on it, because Ngoc herself still has many shortcomings, so she will try every day.

Ngoc only went to school for a short term, not for long, studying a little at each place, not giving up her career. It's just that when I stop running a show, I can focus more, but I'm not running away to give birth. Don't make rumors about feeling sorry for her. If you have a husband, you'll have a c.hild right away, so don't worry."

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 5

In the program "Beautiful G.irl ," Lan Ngoc shared her reason for wanting to study abroad: "I studied at theater and film school but graduated a long time ago. I acquired knowledge and experience from acting in works, from artists. colleagues. Until then, I felt I was running out of energy and capital, so I wanted to learn more. My studies were simple, I could take short courses but in many countries."

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 6

Before going abroad, Lan Ngoc continuously updated photos of her filming and photo shoots... She also regularly appeared in the LUNAS group's practice and recording sessions. The crew said that "Ngoc Nu" had announced this plan in advance, so LUNAS would have appropriate operational plans during the time of lacking members.

Lan Ngoc reunited with her darling in Australia, updating her new life after temporarily leaving showbiz - Photo 7

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