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Khoa Pug sold a h.ot pot restaurant of 23 billion to Vuong Pham, broke up with his best friend back to Vietnam, almost cried while doing this

Minh Lợi10:57:00 18/07/2023
Making tens of billions of dong a month, but Khoa Pug still decided to sell the h.ot pot restaurant of 23 billion in the US to Vuong Pham. People were shocked when they learned the real reason behind.

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Khoa Pug was caught sleeping with U60 to get rich, close-up the hotel, the owner spoke up?

Phương Nam10:37:47 15/04/2023
Where does Khoa Pug's assets come from and why is this male youtuber so rich is always a question of interest to many people. Recently, an account suddenly exposed Khoa Pug to a hotel to sleep with U60 to m.ake m.oney. Khoa Pug is considered a rare Youtuber who produces videos...

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Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham was "attacked" by a stranger: Johnny Dang suddenly got into trouble?

Chi Chu10:32:45 27/03/2023
After opening the hotpot restaurant, Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham became feverish names throughout the front with crowds of people flocking to eat. However, after only a few days Khoa Pug's restaurant has been continuously harassed. At noon on March 26, Khoa Pug suddenly posted a...

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Khoa Pug was "attacked" by the fans after "revealing" the shocking secret to Vuong Pham, what was the truth?

Phương Nam18:58:31 21/03/2023
In the past few days, the news that Khoa Pug opened a h.ot pot restaurant to pay more employees than engineers and doctors, along with his relationship with Vuong Pham, has received a lot of attention. Recently, Khoa Pug was suddenly "massively attacked" by fans for 1 reason...

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Khoa Pug restaurant had a change, being disturbed and not allowed to do business, fans shouted Johnny Dang's name for unexpected reasons

Thảo Mai09:05:41 21/03/2023
After nearly 2 weeks of opening, Khoa Pug restaurant is increasingly crowded, even sometimes overloaded, having to drive away customers. However, Khoa Pug confirmed that the restaurant is still losing m.oney. However, this is not an issue that he cares about, but what the male...

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Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham has just "reunited" and has been caught up in the scandal of "hacking and s.lashing", saying a surprising sentence?

KiKo14:23:49 13/03/2023
Khoa Pug is currently receiving a lot of attention when opening a h.ot pot restaurant. In addition to the reunion with Vuong Pham, the male youtuber recently suddenly spoke up when many people accused him of selling at a higher price than the surrounding shops. Recently, Khoa Pug...

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Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham reacted strangely in the midst of a storm of news about the real owner of the restaurant, diners panicked

Tin10:41:12 13/03/2023
Recently, Khoa Pug has started opening a 23 billion restaurant in the US after more than 1 year of planning and preparing, which has attracted the attention of fans and netizens. In the review clips of YouTubers living in the US, "tech millionaire" - Vuong Pham was also present...

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Vuong Pham - Khoa Pug is close at the restaurant, revealing that the reason for "avoiding each other" is because of the drama "chicken roll"?

N.P16:37:25 10/03/2023
In the past few days, the image of Vuong Pham attending the opening ceremony and helping Khoa Pug to work at the restaurant made many people stir. In particular, the fact that the two have a move to support each other but avoid standing next to or mentioning each other makes...

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Johnny Dang received a humiliating ending when Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham made up, trying to find a way to restore the old love?

Hoàng Phúc10:40:21 10/03/2023
Between the news that Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham had made up, Johnny Dang's life was suddenly noticed by netizens again. In contrast to the duo Khoa - Vuong, the "jewel king" suffered a lot after a turbulent friendship drama. Once a best friend, but Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham were...

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Vuong Pham "humbled" as a waitress, Khoa Pug immediately gave a "terrible" gift to thank the special person

Hoàng Phúc10:56:05 09/03/2023
Khoa Pug opened a 23 billion restaurant in the US, attracting the attention of many fans. In the first days of opening, a large number of diners came to support, making the restaurant always overcrowded. Even Vuong Pham had to help his brother. Accordingly, "tech millionaires"...

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Khoa Pug lamented when he opened a restaurant in the US, Vuong Pham immediately took action to help, accidentally revealing a secret

Hoàng Phúc15:42:30 08/03/2023
Recently, Khoa Pug officially opened a restaurant in the US. Although it has just opened, the number of visitors is very large. There are so many customers, but Khoa Pug is still worried about the restaurant's revenue when selling cheaply. Immediately after the lament of his...

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Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham "match" the property, who is the real giant?

Hoàng Phúc09:58:21 24/07/2022
Khoa Pug and Vuong Pham used to be famous brothers in terms of their closeness and willingness to play. Besides the noise after the break, the fortune of this "old brother" pair also received great attention from the audience. Faculty of Pug Khoa Pug (real name Nguyen Anh Khoa)...

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Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham - Johnny Dang used to cause chaos in the 'world' now?

Nắng08:28:43 08/06/2022
Referring to the "popular" close friends of YouTubers, it is impossible not to mention the trio Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham - Johnny Dang. The three used to appear in many videos together, however, because of the noises that shocked the social network, then "faced" each other. Faculty...

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Vuong Pham clarified the purchase of the land for 10 million dollars, a powerful figure of showbiz came forward to confirm

Hoàng Phúc10:11:36 17/02/2022
"Doing Youtube is like a double-edged sword, if you show everything too much or do it too enthusiastically, you will be watched," comedian Thuy Nga - close friend Vuong Pham shared. Recently, famous YouTuber Vuong Pham has been involved in many controversies surrounding Khoa...

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Khoa Pug revealed the conspiracy of many people to take advantage of him to "save" m.oney, implying Vuong Pham?

Hoàng Phúc07:46:27 18/01/2022
Faculty Pug continues to have interesting sharing. Khoa Pug said, many people said he was arrogant when he decided not to cooperate with anyone anymore. But this H.ot Youtuber revealed, everything has a reason for it. Specifically, a few hours ago, Khoa Pug released the next...

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