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Hanbin is constantly criticized by Vietnamese fans: "Family" is too strict?

Nắng10:13:32 12/03/2022
Hanbin and TEMPEST have just debuted not long ago, their road ahead is full of challenges and lessons when operating in the harsh entertainment market. After working under Yuehua Entertainment as a trainee, on March 2, Hanbin officially debuted with the group TEMPEST with the...

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Angelina Jolie reveals her thin hand on the street, admits she is not a perfect mother

Duyên Trần10:22:28 03/11/2021
Recently, Angelina Jolie was seen happily h.anging out with her children in Rome, Italy. In the photo, the actress curls her hair gently, wearing an elegant evening coat to the street. The "mother of six children" carefully wore a mask during the time when the epidemic was still...

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