Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guy's "slip"

Kim LâmMay 16, 2024 at 10:28

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Jisoo - Jung Hae In is a couple that people have enthusiastically "shipped" since they both starred in the movie Snowdrop. Even after the movie ends, as long as the two actors have any interaction with each other, fans will feel excited.

Jisoo - Jung Hae In had an explosive "chemical reaction" in the hit TV work Snowdrop (2021). The two stars also continuously caused a stir with their sweet gestures behind the scenes and had many notable interactions on their personal pages. From the above signs, Jisoo - Jung Hae In were repeatedly questioned about "real fake love movies", developing feelings for each other after Snowdrop finished filming. To date, both artists have never spoken out about the surrounding love rumors.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 1

On the afternoon of May 15, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) became the center of attention on Asian social networks with suspicions of dating actor Jung Hae In after 7 months of breaking up with ex-boyfriend Ahn Bo Hyun. It is known that the rumor originated from a "slip" move on social networks from the male god Jung. Specifically, Jung Hae In suddenly followed an account that "shipped" an actor with Jisoo. Notably, he unfollowed the above account immediately afterwards.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 2

On social networking forums, netizens are buzzing about the suspicious actions of the male god Jung. A part of the audience questioned that Jung Hae In was secretly dating BLACKPINK's oldest sister, and expressed their excitement at the fact that the actor followed the "shipper" account. However, many netizens believe that Jung Hae In accidentally followed this account and only saw Jisoo as a close junior in the entertainment industry.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 3

A few days ago, Heraldpop reported that wealthy actor Jung Hae In had just caused a stir on social networks when he sent a coffee truck to the set of the movie Influenza to mentally support his rumored girlfriend Jisoo (BLACKPINK). On the banner, the male god Beautiful Sister bought me delicious rice and left a message cheering Jisoo and the crew: "Everyone, please take care of your health while filming Influenza. I support you."

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 4

Jung Hae In also sent a rabbit and a sticker of Jisoo's image with a meaningful message: "Let's try our best, team." Worth mentioning, the male god born in 1988 chose the correct image of Jisoo to post on the BLISSOO website on the day the company was announced. Besides, the rabbit Jung Hae In sent to the filming set also made netizens immediately think of BLACKPINK's oldest sister's nickname Turtle Rabbit.

From here, the actor Beautiful G.irl Who Buys Me Delicious Rice was praised by many audiences for being both psychological and subtle in the way he cheered up his rumored girlfriend. On her personal page, Jisoo also shared a photo of Jung Hae In's coffee cart to express her appreciation.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 5

The "one move" of the rumored couple Jisoo - Jung Hae In always receives great attention from the audience. Not only handsome, Jung Hae In also attracts attention with his great family background. According to Korean media, the actor's parents run a hospital. Not only that, his father is also a professor at a medical university in Korea.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 6

As for Jisoo, she is quite secretive about her personal life, so the female idol's family background is still a mystery. However, many people implicitly understand that Jisoo is from a well-known and well-off family.

Even before her debut, Jisoo has continuously appeared as a guest in television dramas, commercials or music videos... That's why many people think she has a powerful father. stand behind to support.

According to information from Korean media, Jisoo's father is said to be the CEO of MAMAMOO's management company or the director of a famous television station. He is also the person who inspired the g.irl born in 1995 to become a singer. Many other information also suggests that Jisoo's mother is a powerful woman in the marketplace.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) got caught up in dating rumors with Jung Hae In because of the guys slip - Photo 7

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