IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue

Mộc TràMay 12, 2023 at 08:09

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An anonymous person has filed a lawsuit accusing IU of plagiarism in 6 songs "Good Day", "The Red Shoes", "Pitiful", "Boo", "BBIBBI" and "Celebrity" . This news is currently causing a stir when IU is known as a talented and popular musician and singer in Korea.

Soon after, the management company spoke up to dispel these allegations. The company believes that this is a false rumor and affects the reputation of the female singer.

"Regarding this matter, we have confirmed that malicious posts have appeared on many online sites since a few months ago. Currently, the company has not received a notification from the police. The content reported by the media has not been verified and we are still in the process of finding out," the company announced.

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 1

Also in this announcement, IU's management company confirmed that it will take strong legal action against any malicious rumors aimed at damaging the artist's spirit and reputation.

"Those who spread false rumors not only cause emotional v.iolence to artists but also employees in the company and their acquaintances", the company continued, "With the current severity , we can't just sit back and ignore it."

In fact, the person who accused IU of music piracy is not the author of the original songs that are said to be "plagiarized". However, this person still filed a lawsuit based on suspicion of "plagiarism for profit purposes" by IU and the management company.

Recently, the song's composer - Lee Jong Hoon gave feedback through his personal page, asserting that "BBIBBI" is not a plagiarized product.

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 2

At the beginning of the post, the male musician exposed the accuser's intention to damage IU's reputation , "I can't help but feel bad when they chose the wrong target for the plagiarism accusations. The intellectual property rights belong to the accuser. about musicians, not singers. Even if you sue or accuse someone, you should file a lawsuit against me, the songwriter," Lee Jong Hoon said angrily. Next, the musician declared that he did not steal ideas from others and denied the similarity in videos comparing the two songs on Youtube: "Apart from the characteristics of Hip Hop or R&B music, it can be seen differences and uniqueness in the chord progression, arrangement of songs, instruments and other aspects in the process of song arrangement".

In order to resolve any misunderstandings and overcome the current situation, Lee Jong Hoon said he was ready to explain and participate in the proceedings. "This not only comes from a firm determination to protect their own creativity, but also helps the creative environment of existing musicians develop in a more desirable direction," the musician shared.

On the other hand, Park Seo Joon and IU's sports movie "Dream" has surpassed one million viewers.

Specifically, according to Plus M Entertainment, "Dream" officially reached a total of 1,000,877 audiences on May 11, the 16th day since its release.

According to SBS News, "Dream" is the second Korean drama in 2023 to surpass one million moviegoers after Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min's "The Point Men".

'Dream', directed by Lee Byung Hun, tells the story of amateur footballers with dreams of usurping the homelessness World Cup title.

In the drama, Park Seo Joon plays Yoon Hong Dae - a professional football player who receives the responsibility of training the aforementioned team after receiving a disciplinary sentence, while IU plays the production director Lee So Min, who is currently serving as a producer. made a documentary about the team led by Hong Dae.

The film is noted for the participation of the couple Park Seo Joon - IU. In the movie trailer, the couple's appearance and acting show a good chemistry.

It is known that IU filmed this movie for 3 years and sacrificed a lot to play the role. Because this is a movie about football, the actress and singer has to participate in outdoor sports a lot, even going to Hungary to shoot in inclement weather.

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 3

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 4

"My eyes hurt from being exposed to too much sunlight. I think I have damaged my cornea. I don't understand why people say when going abroad to wear sunglasses, but now I know why" - IU expressed concern when her eyes were hurt. "Nation's little sister" is also concerned that her swollen cheeks will make her age added when on screen.

Even so, IU is still willing to fall for the role and cherish Dream : "This movie contains my 28, 29 and 30 years old". IU's self-sacrificing spirit for her role received a lot of praise from fans and the public.

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 5

IU still has not escaped the tension, the management company immediately entered the rescue - Photo 6

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