Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing

An NhiFeb 12, 2024 at 06:17

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All are famous early h.ot girls, the close friends including Huyen B.aby, Hanh Sino and Emily Nguyen still receive a lot of attention from fans. Currently, these beauties are all married and have extremely fulfilling lives and careers.

In the 2000s, Huyen B.aby, Emily and Hanh Sino were considered the first Ha Thanh h.ot girls to create sympathy with the audience, less scandals and keep a "clean" image for many years. In 2011, this h.ot g.irl trio formed the group B.Sily.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 1

Despite possessing outstanding beauty and good singing and dancing skills, the group quickly disbanded after only one year of formation. Although not accompanying on the path of singing, up to now, these h.ot girls also have a close relationship. Even now that they all have families and different turns, they are still good sisters, when appearing in the same frame still "eight and a half pounds", no one is inferior.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 2

Huyen Baby

After disbanding, Huyen B.aby was the first beauty in the group to "follow her husband to quit the game". The beauty born in 1989 is said to have a "number of benefits" when married to a rich businessman husband, living happily like a "queen" when filled with brands every time she appears.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 3

The wedding ceremony of the beauty and the owner of the famous luxury hotel chain Saigon in 2013 was one of the events that received media attention. After marriage, Huyen B.aby became the "female owner" of the magnificent villa worth VND 80 billion, which is also a great gift that the big husband gave his wife. She gave her husband 2 little angels "good enough, boring enough".

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 4

On social networks, many fans think that Huyen B.aby is a fulfilling and successful "diaper mother" model, from career, talent, beauty ... there are enough. Since getting married, Huyen B.aby no longer works in art but retires to the rear, focusing on the beauty business. On her personal page, h.ot g.irl 8X often shows off her luxurious trips, check-in in many famous places around the world.

After 10 years of "hiding", Huyen B.aby attracted attention when she returned to art, becoming one of 30 beautiful sisters participating in Sister Beautiful Sister pedaling the wind and turning the wave. This was also her first appearance on a reality TV show.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 5

Once an unexpected name, however, Huyen B.aby surprised the audience with his talent through each round. In addition to her outstanding beauty and stage brightness, the 34-year-old beauty received many compliments for her singing, dancing and instrumental skills. Through each round, she proved to everyone her talent.


After B.sil disbanded, Emily (real name Nguyen Huong Ly, SN 1989) continued to pursue singing, but did not achieve many outstanding achievements. Later, she gained more attention through some songs collaborating with her husband Big Daddy such as Borrow wine confession, Oh why don't you shake ...

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 6

Emily and Big Daddy officially dated in 2011. In the beginning, the two faced many difficulties from work to life. After Nam advanced, the couple welcomed Bao Nguyen (SN 2016) and Bao Uyen (SN 2017) respectively.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 7

It wasn't until early 2019 that the couple officially went public with having children and confirmed they were married. Since going public with their relationship, Emily - Big Daddy freely shares pictures of her family in public. Both have made many people admire by their full, happy home over the years. Not only taking care of their children together, the couple also work hand in hand.

Hanh Sino

In terms of career, Hanh Sino is the member with the best starting point when she won 2 high awards at Miss Teen, then developed quickly in 2 fields of singing - acting. By 2017, the singer moved to Ho Chi Minh City, both doing business and artistic activities.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 8

Lady Ha Thanh was the last member to "establish a family" when she did not get married until 2022. The singer said that her husband is an ordinary businessman, not a giant as rumored. They dated for about 4 years before deciding to move into the same house. According to Hanh Sino, his husband is psychological, always good at listening and responsible for his family. On the morning of January 22, Hanh Sino was pleased to announce the welcome of twins - a b.oy and a g.irl - after 1 year of marriage.

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 9

Huyen B.aby and hotgirl group member after 13 years: M.oney lacks nothing - Photo 10




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