Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love

Bút MựcJun 13, 2024 at 07:28

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The marriage of actor Huy Khanh and his wife Mac Anh Thu has recently received public attention. The source is that on social networks rumors appeared that Huy Khanh was divorced and his wife took their daughter to Finland to live and study.

They used to often talk about each other, but recently, Huy Khanh and Mac Anh Thu also limited their interactions on social networks, making netizens even more suspicious.

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 1

Until recently, the actor posted a moment of reuniting with his daughter after more than 6 months of separation. However, Mac Anh Thu did not appear in the same photo frame as Huy Khanh and b.aby Cat Cat. On her personal page, the actor's wife only updates work and meetings with friends, but does not mention the reunion with her husband after half a year of separation.

Not only that, in a sales livestream, Mac Anh Thu said she was living at a relative's house, not with her husband. It is these strange signs that cause the couple Huy Khanh - Mac Anh Thu to continue to raise suspicions

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 2

Huy Khanh and Mac Anh Thu met in 2010 on the set of the movie Beauty and Fame. At that time, Huy Khanh was a famous actor, while Anh Thu had just entered showbiz, working in the modeling profession after w.inning the title of Miss Fashion.

When they first fell in love, the family was worried about the female model because at that time Mac Anh Thu was only in her 20s, and Huy Khanh had a son of his own. After living with Huy Khanh, Mac Anh Thu almost withdrew from the entertainment world.

Mac Anh Thu said that she and her husband are different in their personalities, friendships, and views on romance. Many times, her marriage was in the abyss, but when she thought of her daughter, she realized things were not always as expected and continued to preserve the family.

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 3

Having lived together for 12 years, Huy Khanh and Anh Thu have not yet gotten married. The actor once said: "Many friends keep asking me if not getting married would be too disadvantageous for Anh Thu. I have also thought about this.

But maybe my wife understands and sympathizes with me. Because I broke down once. She didn't want to make me remember the wedding scene. Having been with me for quite a long time, my wife has never asked or f.orced me to organize a wedding. The important thing is that we have registered our marriage before the law."

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 4

In March 2024, rumors of Huy Khanh and his wife having emotional problems spread on social networks, when Mac Anh Thu- took his c.hild to live in Finland. On his personal page, Mac Anh Thu posted many posts with a sad mood. For more than a year now, she has no longer shared photos and information related to Huy Khanh.

Faced with rumors about marriage, Huy Khanh affirmed that his family is still normal. "There was no break up at all. This time my husband and I were separated because my wife had to take her daughter to study abroad in Finland.

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 5

The 6th grader is still too young, he can't go alone, he needs his mother to accompany him for peace of mind. When things stabilize over there, my wife will return to Vietnam. My daughter studied abroad a bit early, but that's good because it will be easier for her to adapt to the new environment than waiting to finish high school to go like many other people," Huy Khanh said.

The actor said that due to the different time zones, plus his wife and children are both going to school in Finland, they are busy all day, so communication and conversation between them is not convenient. "When my daughter left, I told her to call her father every day for at least 10 minutes. My daughter said yes, yes, but only on weekends is she free to call. My wife is also studying at university there. I want to talk to each other." We only have the time frame from 12pm to 2am so both sides are free," the actor said.

Previously, Huy Khanh also expressed gratitude because his wife Mac Anh Thu always trusted her husband and sympathized and understood his work, never being jealous or having any opinions.

"My wife is gentle, kind, is a family woman, knows how to take care of her husband, children, relatives and always leads a good life. In our marriage, sometimes we have disagreements but the problem is not big. That's why we can live together until now," Huy Khanh confided.

Huy Khanh was avoided by his wife, revealing suspicions of marital problems after 12 years of unmarried love - Photo 6

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