H.ot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33

Bút ChìMay 21, 2024 at 18:07

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Nguyen Tu Linh was born in 1991, is a Vietnamese female international student in France. She is famous for being a loyal fan of Manchester United, loves and is very knowledgeable about this team and also has an admirable way of expressing herself.

Since then, she has always closely followed every step of the "Red Devils of Manchester".

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 1

Even though she is a g.irl, Linh knows football no less than men, especially about her favorite team. In addition to his understanding and ability to comment on football and talk about MU like a true expert, Tu Linh also works hard to go to stadiums in England to watch live and cheer in "Red Devils" matches. .

Tu Linh became famous when he participated in commentating the Manchester derby between MU and Man City. Beautiful face, clear smile, understanding of football, especially passionate love for the Red Devils, Tu Linh received many compliments from MU fans in Vietnam. After just one night, images of the beautiful female fan flooded Facebook, and her number of followers increased to hundreds of thousands in just a few days.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 2

After her sudden popularity, Tu Linh has had many new turning points. She expressed: "Being known to everyone overnight made Linh's life change a little bit. That only happened for a while and then subsided, but that was also the turning point that brought Linh to life. media industry like the work Linh is doing."

However, according to h.ot girls, there are always two sides to fame. And its downside is something that everyone who accepts working in the media environment must also accept. However, unexpected problems happen to Linh as well as an opportunity for Linh to grow up.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 3

Tu Linh once said that she did not feel discouraged when many people thought she followed MU to become famous. Hotgirl affirmed: "The fact that girls show interest in soccer to get attention is a question Linh receives quite a lot. But Linh doesn't care much about what others evaluate, because it's simply a hobby. is Linh's passion. If you are a friend or regularly follow Linh's life on her personal page, you can know that Linh has loved football for a long time, not until she became known to many people.

Remembering the journey to Old Trafford to watch MU play, Tu Linh said: "In 2014, while studying abroad in France, I came up with the idea of going to England to watch MU play. I went to book a train ticket, the price was nearly 250 euros. Too terrible! Thinking back and forth, I finally chose to take the bus, but only had to spend about 25 euros. After 12 hours, I finally arrived in London So there's no train running. There's no choice but to take the bus to Manchester."

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 4

"That afternoon, MU played against Newcastle, a quite strong team in the Premier League (MU won 3-1). When I saw the stadium gate with statues of three legends George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton, I suddenly I was as emotional and joyful as the days when I was 10 years old, watching and loving MU with all my love," Tu Linh excitedly recalled.

"It took me about 10 minutes to not be able to follow the developments at the beginning of the match because I was busy watching the bright colors in the stands and listening to the songs from the 7-80,000 spectators in the stands.

At that time, I just wished I knew the words and melody to join them. Unable to sing, I turned to... screaming, screaming until I was hoarse, standing until I faltered, sitting down smoldering with joy and then standing up and shouting again.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 5

After returning to Vietnam for about 3 months, Tu Linh proactively contacted her for an internship at a sports TV channel. From collaborating on a program, she worked long-term and then became an official employee there, taking on the role of MC and editor. At a time when she was attracting a lot of attention, Tu Linh also received a number of invitations to play leading and supporting roles in television series and movies.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 6

However, the "hot g.irl MU" refused because she felt she was not suitable for artistic activities. In 2017, Tu Linh married businessman Hoang Long. Sharing about her husband, she confided: "My husband is responsible, resourceful and takes care of many things in the family. He is a bit hot-tempered, not romantic, very practical, but always takes care of him." for loved ones through actions.

We've known each other since we were little kids, but it took about 6-7 years until we got married. I know that both of our personalities are very similar. When we live together, we may match a bit. But now I still feel okay and try to reconcile to get along better. - Both my husband and I are financially independent.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 7

Maybe the husband will take care of big things like building a house, buying a car... Normally, I can still control myself. My husband has many things to worry about, so I don't interfere too much with his finances right now. After living together longer, our small family will probably be like many other homes, the wife will be the "key holder". Now, newly married, I think everything is fine, there are no conflicts.

My family has a maid. If I need any housework, I will do it myself. My husband is also quite lazy, but when his wife asks for help, he is still enthusiastic."

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 8

Later, Tu Linh lived a more private life. She gave birth to a daughter and a son and hardly appeared in the media. While being a mother, Hanoi's h.ot g.irl focuses on fashion business while continuing her favorite job. The mother of two children is praised for her slim figure, unique fashion sense, and youthfulness at the age of 33.

Hot g.irl MU Tu Linh: Married to a businessman, her beauty causes a storm at the age of 33 - Photo 9

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