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Doubt that DJ Mie still "loves" Hong Thanh, is it about to be "broken and healed"?

Bút Máy14:46:07 13/05/2024
The image of Hong Thanh showing off flowers given by DJ Mie backstage at a theater performance surprised many audiences. Many people believe that this is a move to implicitly confirm the couple's reunion 6 months after announcing their separation.

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DJ Mie is upset with fans after breaking up with Hong Thanh, being rumored to be using d.rugs, and dating someone new

Phúc Sen14:51:28 29/12/2023
DJ Mie has just had her frustrations, responding directly to the online community when her name has been defamed and false statements have been made since she broke up with actress Hong Thanh. Accordingly, Mie is rumored to be using d.rugs and has a new lover.

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Hong Thanh appeared with a new visual after going to the temple to make merit, Mie clearly flourished

Châu Anh13:39:37 25/12/2023
In the early days of November, fans of the couple Hong Thanh and DJ Mie sadly received the news that the couple had broken up after 3 years of love. After the breakup, the two attracted attention many times with their different looks and personal activities.

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Hong Thanh went to the pagoda to "cultivate convalescence" after parting with DJ Mie, a different appearance, doing this wholeheartedly

Nguyễn Kim06:51:28 05/12/2023
Recently, Hong Thanh attracted attention after ending a 3-year love affair with DJ Mie and scandalous ticket m.oney i.n Southern Land. Recently, the actor has often appeared at temples, especially, most recently, he also caused anxiety because of his strange appearance.

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DJ Mie reveals post-breakup unrest with Hong Qing, lamenting 1 This makes everyone lament

Đình Như17:36:32 04/12/2023
On her personal page, DJ Mie said that she has been quite busy with work recently, at one point during 3 days of touring in 5 different provinces. Receiving love and encouragement from the audience, the female DJ felt motivated.

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Hong Thanh stunned again, the beauty rumored to be in love with a comedian revealed shocking information, not the average type

Xuka15:05:25 16/11/2023
After announcing his breakup with DJ Mie, there were many rumors online that he had a new girlfriend. Originating from a post on an online forum, netizens suddenly named the character in question as h.ot g.irl Nguyen Thanh Tuyen (nickname Wendy).

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Hong Thanh officially made a strange move after breaking up with DJ Mie, her alarming appearance made fans feel sad

Mộc Trà11:24:48 15/11/2023
Once one of the couples that many people admired because of their love story, but on November 2, DJ Mie and Hong Thanh confirmed that they had gone their separate ways after 3 years of dating.

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DJ Mie cut her hair down after breaking up with Hong Thanh, determined to "cut her sadness in half" with a poignant action

Nắng15:11:44 09/11/2023
After confirming her breakup with actor Hong Thanh, DJ Mie's new moves received a lot of attention. On the official fanpage, the female DJ still regularly updates photos of performing and filming normal shows.

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Huan Hua Hong declared that Mie-Hong Qing broke up because of enough feathers and wings, standing here and there

Thảo Mai06:35:37 08/11/2023
Recently, Hong Thanh DJ Mie has officially broken up after 3 years of dating. The two remained friends and colleagues, and collaborated on many more projects because they were still in the same company.

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Pug revealed evidence of using Mie to "burnish her name" and "condescend" to do something unprecedented

Nguyễn Kim14:50:28 07/11/2023
In recent days, Khoa Pug was suddenly named after Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up. The male YouTuber also posted an angry forum on his personal page but was exposed to an unusual detail.

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Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mie's 'saw' case after breaking up with Hong Qing

Juni Nguyễn15:40:57 06/11/2023
After the beautiful female DJ of Vietnamese showbiz DJ Mie broke up with Hong Thanh, information spread on social networks that Khoa Pug openly confessed his love to the beauty, attracting great attention from the online community.

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Faculty Pug implies Mie has no door, the "DJ doll" is silent but "tormented" by unexpected actions

Bảo Tiên10:03:19 06/11/2023
Recently, besides Mie confirming that she has gone their separate ways with Hong Thanh, statements from a Tiktok account named Khoa PUG are also attention-grabbing. However, the owner himself spoke up with a disturbing subtext.

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Faculty Pug cried out, demanding cleanliness of the Hong Qing-Mie case, subtextually rejecting the charming female DJ?

Minh Lợi09:13:58 06/11/2023
YouTuber Science Pug officially spoke out against a series of questions that are said to be Hong Qing, who has a crush on Mie. People simultaneously turned the car, sympathizing with the guy from Nha Trang.

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Faculty Pug announces that preparing to "review" DJ Mie after breaking up with Hong Qing, people "catch chairs" to wait?

Huỳnh Phúc17:02:41 04/11/2023
Recently, the incident of Science Pug posting a frank criticism of DJ Mie's former love is still receiving great attention from the online community. Following the story, the male YouTuber announced that there will be 1 beauty review session causing a stir.

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Nam Shu gets 'boat pushing' with Hong Qing after actor breaks up with DJ Mie

Yang Mi15:28:37 03/11/2023
After DJ Mie's side confirmed her breakup with Hong Thanh, netizens simultaneously celebrated for the female DJ as well as actively pushed the comedian to Nam Thu seniors all over the online forum.

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Pug mocks Hong Qing, sneers unworthy of Mie, "flexes" lightly, asks the female DJ 1 question directly?

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:42:54 03/11/2023
The news that Hong Thanh and DJ Mie broke up after 3 years of dating is currently a topic of intense discussion on forums. The Science Pug giant also recently caused controversy when he meant to demean Hong Qing, promoting himself on social media.

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DJ Mie made a move to attract attention after breaking up with Hong Thanh, fans comforted: Girls are beautiful when they don't belong to anyone!

Bảo Tiên13:48:50 03/11/2023
Recently, DJ Mie has just confirmed the news of breaking up with Hong Thanh, just when the online community was still surprised, the beauty was revealed with a move to attract attention.

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Hong Qing was caught getting intimate with a strange g.irl at the event, DJ Mie was disappointed so he broke up?

Keng11:56:56 03/11/2023
In early May, as a former participant in Laughter Xuyen Viet, Hong Thanh came to see his juniors perform in the finale. It is worth mentioning that the person he is with is not DJ Mie's girlfriend but a strange g.irl.

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Hong Thanh - Mie confirmed the breakup, fans simultaneously congratulated: From now on, don't call Mie 'jasmine' anymore

Juni Nguyễn15:21:55 02/11/2023
After many speculations and evidence that Hong Thanh - DJ Mie couple went their separate ways, recently, representatives of the two have confirmed that the duo has broken up since May 8. However, the reason r.emains unknown.

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Did Dj Mie and Hong Qing unfollow each other after breakup rumors?

Thư Kỳ09:52:36 02/11/2023
After a series of hints between DJ Mie and comedian Hong Thanh, recently, many people discovered that the two have unfollowed each other, somewhat increasing the possibility of the two breaking up.

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Rumor has it that DJ Mie and Hong Thanh are 'going their separate ways' after many years of living together?

Juni Nguyễn10:03:39 31/10/2023
After being involved in the controversy over the movie Phuong Nam Forest Land, Hong Thanh was unfortunately involved in rumors of breaking up with Mie after many years of living together and sharing happiness on social networks.

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Hong Thanh publicly refunded more than 110 million ticket fees after the incident of excessively praising Southern Forest Land

Pinky13:50:30 23/10/2023
Actor Hong Thanh officially publicly refunded more than 110 million in ticket m.oney after a series of loud gossip, excessive praise for the film and a statement that caused a stir in public opinion about the film Southern Forest Land. Netizens gloated, thinking this was a life-long lesson.

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Hong Thanh teased and played tricks when he promised to pay for tickets to see 'Southern Forest Land', who would have thought that fans would stone him?

Ning Jing16:43:14 20/10/2023
After being texted by a series of viewers asking for m.oney when they felt that the film project Southern Forest Land caused Hong Thanh to hastily delete his post, the actor recently spoke up to clarify everything, unintentionally pushing the matter further. .

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Media expert exposes Southern Forest Land crew's tricks, male stars receive criticism for praising too much

Hoàng Phúc11:41:46 19/10/2023
Being the highest-grossing film at the Vietnamese box office today, Dat Rung Phuong Nam faces many controversies. Nguyen Quang Dung's project received mixed reviews from viewers.

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