The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude

Bút BiMay 22, 2024 at 07:24

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Recently, DJ - actress Mie attended the press conference of the movie 'Claws', congratulating her ex-boyfriend Hong Thanh on her new role.

Mie arrived at the event early, attracting attention with her sweet beauty. She chatted and took pictures with Hong Thanh and some friends. Even though they are no longer on the same path, Mie and Hong Thanh still support each other in projects.

Sharing with the media, she shyly admitted feeling a bit "awkward" when meeting her ex-boyfriend again. "But seeing Hong Thanh looking so handsome today makes me very happy. Besides, Mr. Thanh is also very dedicated to this project and has a lot of expectations, so when I saw him on screen, I felt very overwhelmed." - Mie expressed

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 1

The female DJ also said that at first, when they broke up, it was a bit difficult for them to face each other. "But now it's been a long time. We both have our own lives and habits. Currently, we are new people and will always support each other in work and life" - Mie affirmed.

As for Hong Thanh, the actor also avoided mentioning love stories during the press conference. He said that the outside rumors did not affect his excitement for the movie 'Claws'. In this movie, the actor takes on a mean, c.ruel role, with a violent scene with Rocker Nguyen.

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 2

A few days ago, Hong Thanh and DJ Mie suddenly appeared together after a long break up. The two sat on a sofa, taking turns sharing untold stories.

Mie said that after the breakup, they both needed some silence to calm down and heal the wounds in their hearts. By this time, she and Hong Thanh were fine again. DJ feels this is the right time to sit down and talk to the audience about love before and after the breakup.

Hong Thanh said: "The reason we are sitting here is that there are many stories we want to share with everyone. Talking about the time of separation, the two of us went our separate ways before Lunar New Year 2023. People wonder why this information was not announced until August. In fact, Thanh and Mie also gave each other a chance to see if they could find a way to get back together."

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 3

The actor said that after going out to eat, meet, and talk, the two felt they could no longer be together. Therefore, they officially broke up.

According to Mie, the reason for the breakup came from both losing faith in the other half. They often quarrel over small things. Gradually, the duo could no longer connect with each other.

"I think, everyone who loves each other understands how Mie and Hong Thanh feel. After the breakup, I was very sad. In love, the most important thing is trust. The two no longer trust each other. Everyone must pay attention to what's going on. here," she shared.

After going their separate ways, Mie and Hong Thanh faced many negative comments. The audience believes that the reason for the breakup comes from the fact that "Hong Thanh doesn't have a show, she has to rely on Mie". On the contrary, a part of the public commented: "Mie is supported by Hong Thanh, spends m.oney to buy branded goods and is financially dependent on her boyfriend."

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 4

Talking about this, Mie affirmed that she and Hong Thanh are financially independent and do not rely on each other.

"From the beginning, the two of us started out walking together, relying on each other spiritually, not depending on material things. Mie thought she had something, so Hong Thanh chose to be her companion. When we first met, we both Both are round zeros, helpless and lost. As for buying branded clothes, it's mainly for work. Mie believes that when she meets someone, she's stable is not their burden," she said.

Following Mie's words, Hong Thanh shared that the content the two posted on social networks was mainly fun content, imitating trends, not reflecting the real life stories of the star couple.

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 5

According to Mie, the good things of the past will still remain in both of their memories. Every day that passes, they try their best at work and find ways to heal old wounds. Now, both are ready to move on.

"When we broke up, Hong Thanh and I still had love. But love doesn't always have to go to the end. Thank you for the audience who loved us both. Thank you Hong Thanh for the good things and "All the lessons you gave me. Knowing you is a lifetime experience that I will never forget. We both grew up together and always believed in love," she expressed.

The first time DJ Mie met Hong Thanh after breaking up, he had a strange attitude - Photo 6

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