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MGI 2023: Miss Hong Kong was caught "copying charms" during a private interview, Le Hoang Phuong "suffered" because of her opponent

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:44:02 18/10/2023
During the closed interview round of the Miss Grand International contest, the Hong Kong beauty attracted attention because she was caught copying her handwriting. Besides, international beauty fans also gave many compliments to Le Hoang Phuong for her beautiful actions with the Thai representative.

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Miss Grand International: Hoang Phuong has just taken the form that has changed, the Thai beauty is far behind and it is difficult to keep up

Tuyết Ngọc11:15:18 08/10/2023
The race to conquer the Miss Peace International crown is entering its fiercest phase; Le Hoang Phuong's current position compared to the general ground makes fans extremely worried.

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Miss Grand International: Le Hoang Phuong is at risk of losing home field advantage, what do the contest organizers say?

Hoa Tuyết16:33:12 30/09/2023
The story of Miss Grand International's ticket prices in recent days has become a topic of special public interest, especially when the pageant is about to take place in Vietnam.

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Miss Grand International 2023: Hoang Phuong is among the top candidates for the Miss title

Hướng Dương18:30:43 22/09/2023
Close to the final day of the Miss Grand International contest, the atmosphere is gradually heating up more than ever. Especially when a series of contestants' profiles from different countries are revealed.

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Luong Manh Hai confirmed that Le Hoang Phuong reached the Top 3 in the international competition, what was the queen's reaction?

Bình Minh14:00:40 21/09/2023
The recent special meeting between Hoang Phuong and actor Suddenly Want to Cry became the focus of public attention. Luong Manh Hai is the childhood idol of the 9x queen.

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Bui Khanh Linh has just received the runner-up a.ward not long ago, suddenly "exposed" by fans what he had done in the past

Bình Minh15:34:24 28/08/2023
Interestingly, the new 1st runner-up of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 Bui Khanh Linh has a great passion for football, having also taken on the role of goalkeeper while still in school.

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Le Hoang Phuong pitted "one nine one ten" with Thuy Tien and Tianan, 1 sentence reveals the relationship of all 3

Kim Lâm14:06:26 28/08/2023
The image of 3 Miss Grand Vietnam in one frame has been widely shared on social networks. In particular, Thuy Tien also shared a status line r.evealing the current relationship of all 3.

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