Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence

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The "dandelion" crown has found its owner - the lucky g.irl is Nguyen Ha Diu Thao, a student of coach Mai Ngo. Diu Thao had an ecstatic behavior in the final night to step up to the highest throne.

When asked what makes the name Diu Thao different from other contestants and has a noble crown in her hand, she said: "This is not only my dream but also my dream. many others. So I push myself every day." Diu Thao said that she was lucky to be on the team Mai Ngo and she expressed her gratitude for that.

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 1

Faced with the question of what this victory means for herself, she expressed, "What everyone has seen in closed interviews, there are times when I was tired and wanted to give up but I did not give up. because I want to bring the image of a transgender person to spread many positive messages to the community."

It is known that she is a person who loves her mother very much. When she talks about her family, she is touched: "I think it is a pride for my mother. When I was transgender, she was very worried about me. My mother said that if I change my gender, my health is not as secure as before. Today, this victory is also a part of helping my mother always believe in myself. She plays a huge role. in my life".

Diu Thao added that mentor Mai Ngo was always by her side, taking care and caring from the catwalk steps to the behavior and that contributed significantly to today's results. When asked what is the biggest pressure when participating in the Miss International Queen Vietnam contest, Diu Thao added: "Perhaps the opponent is too strong".

Meanwhile, right after the contestant won, Mai Ngo burst into tears and had emotional shares: "I'm very happy right now, I haven't had time to think about what happened. Except for I'm proud of the victory I've been waiting for for the past six months."

In addition, the 4th runner-up of Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 also revealed: "I used to live in fear and pressure when I was a coach who led the team very well but still couldn't win. That makes my skin, my figure, everyone can see, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I hope that my dedication and enthusiasm today will be recognized by everyone."

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 2

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 3

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 4

Not only that, Mai Ngo also revealed that every day she had to do 500 prostrations in front of the Bodhisattva to revive Tieu Thao's spirit.

Through the sharing of the queen, it can be seen that the beauty is under pressure, revealing many worrying signs of health. However, after the victory of Tieu Thao at Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, the queen can be proud of the efforts that she has put in, which has completely paid off.

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 5

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 6

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 7

Experiencing many attractive contests, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was excellently crowned Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023. The victory of the beauty born in 2000 received the approval of the majority of the audience. At the final stage, Diu Thao was surrounded by the media to ask about her feelings and journey at the competition. However, her reaction caused mixed opinions.

Specifically, in a short clip, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 was asked questions related to the transgender story, the beauty controversy as well as the emotions of being true to yourself. However, all of them refused to answer with the reason: "I think sometimes it (questions - PV) is my private matter and if I want to say more things, I think I have to sit down and talk. Huong Giang as well as the brothers and sisters here to give the most appropriate answer". After that, Diu Thao continued to refuse to comment when asked more and asked for permission to move to another area.

This attitude of Diu Thao received many controversies. Besides some opinions respecting the way to refuse to answer for privacy, many people think that Tieu Thao should choose a smarter way to handle the series of questions. Because, on stage, Diu Thao showed confidence, bravery and extremely smart behavior.

Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was born in 2000, from Hai Duong. She was born in a family with a poor background. After graduating from high school, Diu Thao did not continue to study at university. Currently, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 is studying tourism at a college. Diu Thao also used to work as a worker, a service worker, a salesperson, etc. to earn income to cover her life.

Diu Thao once shared, from the age of 12, she considered herself a g.irl. After learning, at the age of 18, she started injecting hormones to make her b.ody softer and more feminine. Tieu Thao won the Miss Beauty Queen 2022 contest. The a.ward helped the beauty become more confident to come to Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023. And finally, she enjoyed the "sweet fruit" when she was crowned the highest. .

Miss Diu Thao revealed a shocking story after being crowned, Mai Ngo sobbed and said one sentence - Photo 8

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