Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye

Hoàng AnhJul 20, 2022 at 11:18

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Duong Mich's eye injury does not seem to have fully recovered, but her recent pictures can show that her current spirit is quite comfortable.

Not long ago, while recording the program "Escape from Secret House 4", Duong Mich was suddenly injured. Little Hoa was taken to the hospital for treatment immediately after and had to be stitched for 5 hours. Although the office spoke to comfort, Yang Mi's fans were still extremely worried about the idol.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 1

And after a few days in hiding to treat her wounds, she finally appeared in public. Accordingly, recently a series of photos of Duong Mich on the way to the airport were posted online. In the photo, the l.ittle g.irl wears large black glasses but still cannot hide the white gauze covering her left eye.

Many people think that the eye injury will cause Duong Mi's work to be delayed for a while. In which, the most influential is Escape from the Secret House and the project Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong in which she takes on the female lead role. However, there is an opinion that just taking advantage of the right angle, Duong Mich can still continue to work as usual.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 2

Some reactions of netizens.

- It's so sad to see, I'm not a fan, but seeing Yang Mi with her eyes closed makes me sad for the fans.

- The condition is better, the eyes may be a bit swollen, the legs are also slightly bruised during the recording, but the treatment is very stable by the medical staff.

- It's good to be healthy, hope it won't cause complications or lose shape, after all, I'm a public figure. After this incident, I hope that the Escape from the Secret House team is more careful in setting up the games, seeing many real dangers.

- God still has to cover his eyes, he must be deeply injured.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 3

In addition, in this new series of photos, Duong Mich also caused a fever in the online community with her long slender legs. In addition to wishing Duong Mich good health, many people also left comments praising her excellent legs.

In the past few days, the Chinese entertainment industry has been buzzing about who this year's title of the golden eagle goddess will belong to, names like Duong Tu, Dam Tung, and Co Luc Na Trat have received a lot of attention.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 4

Up to now, there have been 8 actresses who have had the opportunity to become Goddess Kim Ung, typically Liu Yifei, Ly Tieu Lo, Luu Thi Thi, Trieu Le Dinh, Duong Yen, Dich Le Nhiet Ba... Among the names mentioned above, it is easy to recognize Duong Mich - one of the beauties after 1985 who was not mentioned. So why did the actress not win the position of the Golden Eagle Goddess, despite the beauty or position, the temperature is not inferior to any beauties.

First, the selection criteria for the Golden Eagle Goddess must be considered, which must have at least one work aired on Hunan TV within 2 years and create an illustrious reputation. Moreover, that female star must have a high number of votes, have a good image and be absolutely unmarried.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 5

The title of Kim Ung Goddess was held for the first time in 2006, in the period 2006 - 2010, Duong Mich was still a faint face, did not win much fame, so it is not possible to win this position. completely understandable. By 2012, the transformation into Lac Tinh Xuyen in Toa Tam Ngoc Palace (or Ngoc Sang Hoang Palace) helped Duong Mich's name go up, but she still did not win the Kim Ung Goddess and sadly succumbed to Luu Thi. Exam.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 6

Back in 2012, although Cung Toa Tam Ngoc created more reputation than Bo Bo Kinh Tam, Duong Mich's film encountered many controversies about plagiarism. Therefore, Duong Mich's reputation was also seriously affected, while the goddess Kim Ung must have a clean image and Yang Mi completely lost this opportunity.

In the period from 2014 - 2018, Duong Mich could not get the title of Kim Ung Goddess even though colleagues and juniors in the same company continuously received awards such as Duong Yen, Trieu Le Dinh, and Dich Le Nhiet Ba. During this period, she had quite a few works that were shown on Hunan radio and gained considerable fame such as: Ancient Sword Ky Tan, Translator, Negotiator.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 7

The reason why the actress born in 1986 lost the opportunity is because in 2014, she officially got on the flower bed with Luu Khai Uy, but the title of goddess can only be given to a single actress.

By 2020, Duong Mich had divorced her husband after 5 years of marriage, but she could not receive the title of Kim Ung Goddess. Therefore, up to now, despite being beautiful and having many famous works, Duong Mich still could not get this prestigious position because it did not meet the criteria set by the organizers. a.ward given.

The fact that she did not receive the Goddess Kim Ung for Duong Mi is probably a regret in the actress's career, but not because of that, she is not h.ot, not as famous as the female stars who won the throne. before. With Duong Mich's current age, instead of acting in historical romance works, she should choose films with psychological depth to have the opportunity to receive many prestigious acting nominations and awards.

Yang Mi first appeared after being injured, had to cover one eye - Photo 8

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