Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad

Mỹ HoàngMar 22, 2024 at 15:04

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The news that "male god" Duong Duong had to be hospitalized for surgery made his fans extremely worried. Although the surgery has ended, the actor's health has not yet returned to normal.

Recently, the news that Duong Duong had to be hospitalized for surgery is attracting the attention of Chinese public opinion. In a series of images spread on social networks, it can be seen that the actor has difficulty walking and has to use crutches for support. Duong Duong's representative, Jia Si Khai, is always by his side to help him complete hospital admission procedures.

According to sources from Sohu, this hospitalization of the actor may be due to the recurrence of an old injury from many years ago. In addition, Duong Duong's health was also affected due to his busy work schedule.

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 1

Learning from some other sources, during the filming of the movie Special Warfare (2018), Duong Duong was injured many times. The actor had a prop swiped across his face near his eyes, leaving scars. The worst time was a steel wire penetrating his leg. He also had many bone and joint problems because he had to perform action scenes and swing ropes. Before the above information, fans of the "Love at First Sight" actor were extremely worried. According to Sina, after this hospitalization, Duong Duong may be f.orced to temporarily stop activities to maintain his health. On the male god's personal page, the audience also left many comments wishing the actor a quick recovery.

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 2

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 3

Duong Duong was born in 1991 and has been active as an actor since 2008 with the role of Jia Bao Ngoc in Dream of Tan Hong Lau. Although his acting is still controversial, Duong Duong has always shown himself to be a respectful actor. He is always dedicated to his roles and receives many compliments from people in the industry. Unfortunately, Duong Duong's acting in recent years has shown signs of decline, making fans regretful.

Even though he has a large fan base and a name in the "top" group, Duong Duong's poor acting ability cannot be saved.

In fact, throughout his career journey, Duong Duong also sought to renew himself many times. He is ready to invade both big and small screens, with many diverse film genres. However, to be able to create a good effect for each role and replace the image of the handsome, cold school "male god" that was once associated with his reputation, Duong Duong still needs to make a lot of effort to cultivate himself. much.

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 4

As Sina commented: "Chinese showbiz always has new names appearing every day. To stand firm and not be eliminated, actors must strengthen their own strength and be smart in choosing scripts. Regional framing Playing it safe or trying to accept inappropriate roles will cause artists to lose public sympathy for the image they are trying to build."

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 5

During his acting career, the handsome man has acted with many famous beauties such as Trinh Sang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Ly Nhat Dong, Trieu Lo Tu... Most recently, it appeared online. Information said that Duong Duong is about to cooperate in acting with another 9x beauty.

Specifically, information appeared online saying that Tencent's historical project Nguyet Do Hoa Lac is about to start filming. The producer has targeted Duong Duong for the male lead role of this film. Meanwhile, the female lead being chosen is the 95th class flower g.irl Dien Hi Vi. This information has just been released and quickly attracted great public attention.

Although they are considered a beautiful couple if they act together, the audience still expressed concern about the acting abilities of these two stars, especially Duong Duong. In recent times, he has often been criticized for being overly aggressive when playing both historical and modern roles.

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 6

Information about the Nguyet Do Hoa Lac ancient project has not yet been officially released. Duong Duong and Dien Hi Vi have also not made any moves regarding this movie. The public hopes that the couple will accept the lead role in Nguyet Do Hoa Lac in the near future. However, Duong Duong is injured and needs time to rest, so the film project Nguyet Do Hoa Lac may be postponed.

Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad - Photo 7

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