ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person

Phi YếnMar 12, 2024 at 14:44

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The battle with Jack has not yet ended, ViruSs continues to attract attention when frankly commenting that Bich Phuong's singing of the song "Raising the Cup of Sorrow" is not really good, Tang Duy Tan's performance would be more suitable.

On the Youtube channel, ViruSs just posted a reaction video to Bich Phuong's new MV called "Raising the Cup of Sorrow". After watching the music product, he gave many compliments and suggestions to the original singer of Quang Ninh in this comeback.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 1

Accordingly, ViruSs expressed his love for the MV "Raising the Cup of Sorrow" because it has many details, ideas as well as very eye-catching images. However, the male reaction still thinks that it may be a bit offensive to say, but this article is not suitable for Bich Phuong.

"Phuong sings very well, the product is OK, but maybe if Tang Duy Tan sang it, it might be different. This song written for Phuong is not effective. There are a few people who listen to it, so I can say frankly that this song "If the product was separate, Phuong's voice would be very good, but this style of harmonizing is very difficult to get into and honestly, it's not suitable," ViruSs shared.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 2

Because he was constantly caught up in controversy, he did not forget to emphasize that this is just a personal opinion, which may be right or wrong. If left alone, everything is fine, but mixed together is not suitable.

"I'm not sure what I'm saying is right. It might be a bit off-putting, but perhaps Phuong would be suitable for songs with easier-to-understand melodies. As for the music of this song, Tan wrote it and Tan should sing it, or find a friend. Women have a more unique voice color.

So I probably won't listen to this song over and over again, but I still support Phuong because it's been a while since I released a product. Phuong's singing of this song is not very good, so if Tan sings it, it might be better. A melody like Love Charm or a ballad would be more suitable for Phuong" - ViruSs expressed.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 3

In conclusion, the male Streamer said that "Raise the Cup of Sorrow" is not too catchy and ineffective. However, he still congratulated the crew for creating a very "enchanting" MV.

Previously, at 0:00 on March 8, Bich Phuong released the MV "Raise the Cup of Sorrow", marking her return to the music "race" after many years of absence. This product quickly attracted attention. After more than 3 days of release, the MV currently has more than 4.5 million views on Youtube, reaching the Top 2 trends in the music category.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 4

Returning to ViruSs, he intended to criticize Bich Phuong's new product, but he gave many compliments to the song "We of the Future" by Son Tung M-TP. Nam Streamer affirmed that this will be the song with the most views in the music repertoire of the original Thai Binh singer.

Specifically, ViruSs believes that "We of the Future" has a unique melody, currently in Vpop there is no song going in that direction. The male streamer highly appreciated Son Tung M-TP's musical thinking. Because of this song, the more you listen to it, the better it will feel.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 5

"That's the musical mindset of the person who gave it birth, no matter when they were born. Some people like it, some don't like it, and some people like it even more. Maybe the first time you hear it you don't like it, but it's guaranteed." said that this is Tung's most viewed song. When I listen to it, it doesn't get boring, the more I listen, the more attractive it becomes, without headaches or noise. Even if I listen to this song 5-7 times, it won't get boring," he expressed his opinion.

ViruSs is also straightforward, maybe when praising Son Tung M-TP, many people will think he is flattering, but he will say what is right. He admired the male singer for creating this song, and expressed his emotions after listening to it.

"This is a song that I admire, affirming Tung's talent. I take my hat off in admiration and am very moved. Give me a reason why Tung's other songs are better than this one. In the Vietnamese market, this is the song. singing is a bit "weird", special.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 6

In addition, I have the feeling that she is a bit stressed, maybe about work or finances, I guess that's all when looking at Tung's eyes. But anyway, this will be a successful product for Tung. Talking about what I don't like, personally, if the mix was thicker, it might be able to reach foreign markets," said male reaction.

Currently, ViruSs' shares about Son Tung M-TP's new MV are receiving a lot of attention from the public.

ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person - Photo 7

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