Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier?

Thanh PhúcDec 02, 2023 at 12:34

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The Diem My 9x actress first spoke about her mother-in-law, whose relationship made many admire. The lifestyle and thinking of the two, although there is a generation difference, are extremely close and close to each other.

The name of actress Diem My 9x recently is a surprise face that is interested and sought after by the audience again. With many impressive, well-thought-out activities, and public appearances, bringing the attention of fans, more especially the announcement of preparing to board the flower car on December 21. All have made Diem My 9x quickly receive a lot of attention and love from the audience.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 1

Diem My 9X and her fiancé are being judged as a perfect couple in terms of both appearance and talent. Although their love story is not noisy or ostentatious, they always exude warmth and sweetness. Sharing her impression of her boyfriend, Diem My 9x told about a secret visit to Australia, where she discovered her boyfriend's thoroughness, orderliness and cleanliness, which made her fall in love even more.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 2

In times of pressure and doubt about the happiness of a long-distance relationship, Diem My does not hesitate to express her appreciation for her boyfriend's hard work, work ethic, and kindness. Diem My 9X said: "My boyfriend is hardworking, hardworking, decent and kind. I value mutual respect, self-development, moving forward and building the future."

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 3

Diem My often moves between her own house and her boyfriend's house. After her mother died, her father had her own life, her boyfriend's family became a place where she sought support and stability. The relationship between her and her boyfriend's mother is not only a romantic one, but also a close attachment. Diem My thinks that between herself and her future mother-in-law is very good.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 4

"Before, I was terrible. Through many events, sticking together, I learned how to discipline, how to treat people, caring for people around them. Mother Vinh likes to study psychology courses, so she understands her children very well. Once we talked, I didn't have time to say anything she understood, just like my own mother," Diem My said.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 5

Not long ago, when going to the wedding of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, the actress also shared about her big day: "Currently, I am rushing to prepare for the biggest event of my life. I hope that everything is in order, as I have been preparing all year but feel a lot of pressure. I also went to many weddings this year and felt a lot of pressure. I hope that going to Gin-Pu's wedding today, I will also learn a lot so that I can have ways to make my wedding as complete as possible."

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 6

About Diem My's love story, her boyfriend is a big man named Vinh Nguyen. The actress was asked to propose while the two were on a holiday in late 2022. At an altitude of nearly 1,000m, standing on a h.ot air balloon, the actress was surprised by her boyfriend with a diamond ring and she nodded her head in agreement.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 7

Diem My 9x and Vinh Nguyen have known each other since 2016. He is a well-known businessman in the construction sector in Australia. The two first met at the film festival. At the beginning of their relationship, the couple experienced the challenge of long-distance love when Vinh Nguyen lived in Australia and Diem My was in Vietnam. During their relationship, the two had a rift but later reunited and consummated to the present. The actress said trust helped her overcome difficulties, holding hands with her lover towards building a home.

Diem My 9x reveals relationship with fiancée-in-law, will the generation gap become a barrier? - Photo 8

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