"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama"

Thanh PhúcFeb 17, 2023 at 14:31

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The president of the Miss Charm 2023 contest responded to the incident of calling the top 20 in the final night, asserting that everything was the intention and pre-arrangement of the BTC, not "hotel" as people thought.

On the evening of February 16, the final night of the Miss Charm 2023 beauty contest (Miss International Beauty) was officially held in Ho Chi Minh City. Overcoming 37 other beauties, the final Miss title was given to the Brazilian representative - the beautiful Luma Russo.

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 1

In addition to the positive response from the winner, because of her outstanding beauty, charismatic charisma and impressive ability to "swallow the mic", the finale of Miss Charm 2023 ended with a lot of noise and ears. reputation from the "grains" in the organization.

In it, it is possible to mention the problem of calling the top 20 of BTC in the final night. The thing that became noisy in the community of beauty fans is because on stage, at the top call, the MC of the program only announced 19 beauties, dropped out of the middle of representing Vietnam, up to a few dozen. Minutes later, when the stage was empty, the final name was announced.

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 2

The above situation quickly received a series of indignation from the audience when watching the program, because this was an unsophisticated action, along with being considered disrespectful to the representative of Vietnam, by Thanh Thanh Huyen. at that time was not present on stage to receive the results.

After being stoned too much by the online community, recently, Ms. Thuy Nga - the president of the Miss Charm contest made a move to speak out and respond to the information and comments on social networks. Specifically, she said, everything the audience saw in the call to the top 20 was not an accident or a "hotel" from the BTC side, it was the intention of the program makers to make the contest more attractive. .

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 3

"Initially, when going through the script line, in addition to the announcement of the new Top 3 by artist Pham Hong Minh, we wanted to have more small drama. The domestic audience is very much looking forward to our representative, Thanh Thanh Huyen, when 19 contestants are called without Vietnam, it will create a suspense, tension and expectation to the c.limax.I have been a guest in many contests and can see the eyes of hope expectations of the host audience. The organizers suggested that the MCs would read 19 people first, and then add Vietnam to create drama," said Ms. Thuy Nga.

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 4

In addition, the audience also simultaneously wondered if Vietnam at the end was due to voting tickets, to explain the matter, "Aunt Nga" also added: "Thanh Thanh Huyen is not a ticket to vote. As everyone thinks, she deserves to be in the Top 20 with her strength and deserves the applause and bursts of the Vietnamese audience who have waited and hoped for."

The statement of "Russian aunt" quickly received mixed opinions from the online community. Many people believe that the matter has been broken, so now she and the contest organizers are trying to "cover up", to justify the incidents caused by the contest.

In addition, in the image of holding a phone while sitting on the jury, Ms. Thuy Nga also has explanations for herself. Accordingly, she shared that because the program script line was completely handwritten, not typed to ensure confidentiality, she was talking and working with the post-production staff when using the phone. school.

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 5

In addition to the explanations, the organizers of the contest also apologized and asked for the audience's understanding and forgiveness for the remaining errors of the contest, because this was the first time Vietnam held a contest of this caliber. Internationally, all stages are self-prepared, not in the form of national copyright holder, supported by foreign teams.

Contest fans are also looking forward to the second season of Miss Charm to take place, hoping to be thorough and perfect at every stage, avoiding the unfortunate incidents and "grains" that happened in the first time. organized this.

"Aunt Russia" Miss Charm responded to the top call incident: "This is not a stone, it's all to create drama" - Photo 6

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