'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset

Juni NguyễnMay 23, 2023 at 14:19

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As expected of Mango, in any situation, the crew can still turn the situation around, bring about lively discussion, and pull the rating for the show. And on the second night of the "Blow on the Wind 2023", it was impossible to avoid the question of "cheating" votes.

After the end of the first night of the "Wind Pedal 2023", the organizers will have 5 beautiful ladies stopping by. Besides the 4 names at the bottom of the lag, Kelly, Vuong Giai Vu, Duong Ba Ho and Tran Bang were eliminated, to create a more fierce competition, the program side decided to choose two more names near the bottom, Hua Tinh. Yun and Tran Y Ham to PK.

Both will have 24 hours to practice, decide a survival battle to win the next place with 27 other billions. And the person who chooses the next billion will be a member of the team of these 2 billion billions.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 1

With the advantage of being a talented singer with a good voice and choreography, behind her is the boss Mani - the golden manager of famous names like Ta Dinh Phong, Dung To Nhi, Twins group. , Hue Anh Hong, ... and also the advisory board of "Dam the Wind 2023", Hua Tinh Yun is sure of w.inning more than Tran Y Ham.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 2

However, what no one expected was that Taiwanese actress Tran Y Ham could beat Hua Tinh Yun to win the next spot. Although before that, Hua Tinh Yun brought an attractive performance from vocals to choreography, while Tran Y Ham was criticized.

Explaining the vote for Tran Y Ham to continue with 27 other billions, Han Canh's wife - Lu Tinh San said: "According to common sense, Tran Y Ham is really inferior to Hua Tinh Yun's junior. much, but I personally think that Tran Y Ham is the hard work, effort and great progress. In such a short time, Tran Y Ham can dance like that."

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 3

The veteran singer Ton Duyet also sided with Tran Y Ham, because she thinks that the actress "Beauty and the gang" has worked hard, so everyone decided to keep the Taiwanese beauty. . "I think it's a spirit, and this spirit is embodied in Tran Yi Ham."

The fact that everyone recognizes Tran Y Ham's efforts to choose her to continue to go with other beautiful sisters even though the "survival" part of the Taiwanese actress is far behind Hua Tinh Still this is also the same. It means that the opportunity for juniors in the same house as Nicholas Tse is forced to stop no matter how good his voice and choreography are.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 4

If Ton Duyet or Lu Tinh San both supported Tran Y Ham, then the goddess Cbiz Cu Dinh gave Hua Tinh Yun full praise. At the same time, the eldest sister of this year's "Pedaling the Wind" said that everyone has their own advantages and it is difficult to choose who will accompany them, because the artists participating this year do not want anyone to stop. .

With the sharing from the beautiful sisters about choosing Tran Y Ham to continue instead of Hua Tinh Van, netizens were angry, and the level of calm brought out heavy critics of the program team as well as the artists. Doctors work according to their feelings without recognizing the talents of others.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 5

Some netizens condemned: "Stretched, too obvious bias. If you want to keep Tran Y Ham, just say it out loud, why bother doing this and that, it looks funny. and it doesn't work out" or "If you stick to what those billions of billions make about the decision to remove or keep participants, it's like thinking that going to university is just hard work and not based on grades. Is that person good or bad?"

"It doesn't seem to make any sense to arrange an extra contest at this point, if it's based on popularity, just put Tran Y Ham in directly, but if you have determined the selection based on weak professional element, it should be chosen by experts instead of players voting. This is not fair and unfair to Xu Jingyun," an angry account.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 6

In contrast to her teammates in the group of contestants "determined to survive", in other groups of beautiful sisters, when she heard that Tran Y Ham had "beaten" Hua Tinh Yun to continue, Ella was surprised and surprised because she was right. The female artist herself did not believe this could happen. After hearing the news, Ella hurriedly ran out to tell Jia Jingwen.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 7

With the naive look of the teenage Chinese actress when she heard the news that Hua Tinh Yun was eliminated, the audience felt lovely and teased Ella that she probably never imagined that Tran Yi Ham, who Singing and dancing normally, especially performing quite poorly compared to Hua Tinh Yun in the PK match, was able to continue only because of hard practice.

Also from Tran Y Ham and Hua Tinh Yun, the audience can see that this year's "Pedaling the wind" is no longer a competition in singing and dancing, but more famous than anyone else, who can create heat. than.

'Blow the wind 2023': 'Sister' Nicholas Tse - Hua Tinh Yun was defeated by Tran Y Ham, Ella was upset - Photo 8

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