Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty

An NhiJun 21, 2024 at 16:41

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The fact that director Le Hoang publicly restored his beauty at the age of 70 made people surprised. Recently, supermodel Anh Thu made an interesting comment when asked about Le Hoang.

Recently, social networks shared a series of new photos by director Le Hoang. Causing constant discussion is the male director's unexpectedly changed appearance after cosmetic intervention. It is known that director Le Hoang performed eyebrow arch surgery and lip arch surgery.

After the cosmetic intervention, netizens had many mixed discussions about the somewhat strange face of the director of the movie Dancing G.irl. Many people expressed confusion at director Le Hoang's decision to change his appearance at the age of 68.

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 1

After that, supermodel Anh Thu also posted a video related to eyebrow beautification. Below, an account asked her how she felt about director Le Hoang's restoration. The female supermodel's reaction surprised many viewers. She responded to the fan's comment: "Crying."

Anh Thu is not the only one who has a strange reaction when mentioning director Le Hoang's eyebrow surgery. After the beauty facility posted the male director's image on social networks, it caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that the eyebrow shape does not suit Le Hoang's face and this action is not necessary for someone like him who is nearly 70 years old.

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 2

However, others refute the above opinion that everyone has the right to be beautiful as they like, regardless of age. As long as I feel happy and confident.

Previously, when appearing on the program 9 People 10 Italy, Le Hoang surprised everyone by sharing remarkable comments on the topic of cosmetic surgery. The male director had a supportive attitude and said that this action can bring many opportunities to people, even change a person's fate.

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 3

Specifically, Le Hoang commented: "Plastic surgery is a humanistic science. Cosmetic surgery gives many people opportunities that people never imagined. I have participated in The program is called a transformation journey, which means that people with disabilities look a bit horrible, making their whole lives dark. When they come to register, it must be said that their faces look deformed. And after being corrected Their image becomes normal and even extremely beautiful. Through this, we can see that cosmetic surgery can change a person's fate."

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 4

However, when Le Duong Bao Lam reminded him about cosmetic surgery combined with feng shui, Le Hoang strongly objected. He repeatedly shook his head and clearly stated his opinion: "I urge everyone to stay away from doctors who are affiliated with feng shui masters. Lam followed, but Hoang did not listen. Those two things have nothing to do with me." all together".

Besides, Le Hoang also commented that this combination is unscientific and based only on emotions: "Where does the feng shui teacher train, what university did the feng shui teacher study at, and what degree did he graduate with? Doctors still have degrees. In Hoang's opinion, combining feng shui with aesthetics is completely unscientific and emotional."

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 5

Le Hoang was born in 1956 in Hanoi, is a Vietnamese male filmmaker, author and television personality. Known since the 1990s as the director of films such as Knife Blade, Ai Xuu Van Ly, but he only became truly famous with the film Dancing G.irl.

In recent years, Le Hoang has rarely appeared as a director. Instead, he took on the role of MC at the program The Third Person and appeared in a number of other programs. In January 2024, Le Hoang rarely returned to the director position in the movie Tra but had poor sales and left the theater early. Previously, the male director also participated in the White Wolf SOS project but did not achieve much success.

Director Le Hoang was publicly criticized by a Vietnamese female supermodel for restoring her beauty - Photo 6

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