Dam Vinh Hung Reappears

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Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang?

Nắng09:47:29 26/04/2022
Words of mouth such as "Are you beautiful?", "Speak with books, tell with evidence" ... make many people think of Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang. Recently, male singer Dam Vinh Hung had a music video premiere to mark his return after 2 years of silence because of the Covid-19 epidemic...

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Dam Vinh Hung appeared strangely after making a very bold decision

AT15:33:21 20/04/2022
During a year of being called by Mrs. Phuong Hang in the charity noise, Dam Vinh Hung's reputation seems to be seriously affected. On forums, it is not difficult to come across criticisms and sarcasm directed at the male artist. In this situation, Dam Vinh Hung showed little...

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