Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didn't he pamper her?

Bình MinhApr 15, 2024 at 13:44

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After announcing that he was about to welcome his first c.hild, Quang Hai was seen pampering his wife Chu Thanh Huyen more than before. He does almost everything for his "partner", even the smallest things.

More than a week after their rumored wedding, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen are enjoying a very happy wedding period. Immediately after the wedding, the Dong Anh midfielder immediately took his wife on a honeymoon to Phu Quoc.

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 1

Becoming a legal couple and publicly announcing the birth of their first c.hild, Quang Hai and his beautiful wife freely expressed their feelings for each other. The attention and care the star football player showed towards his pregnant wife also received special attention from people.

According to Chu Thanh Huyen's revelation, during her recent sweet honeymoon in Phu Quoc, when she took virtual photos, posing to o.ff her pregnant belly, Quang Hai behind him was leisurely packing her things. After listening to Wags's sharing, many people couldn't help but admire her.

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 2

Remember the midfielder born in 1997 once confided that when he falls in love, he wants to give all the best things to his woman. Therefore, when he is with his wife, the football player is not afraid to go to the kitchen to cook or clean the house, vacuum, wash dishes,...

Besides, Quang Hai was also seen stripping off his serious and quiet appearance on the field, diligently coordinating with his wife Chu Thanh Huyen's funny video performances. He is not afraid to do flexible, childish movements as long as his "partner" is happy and the couple's videos are well received by many people.

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 3

After his honeymoon in Phu Quoc, Quang Hai rejoined the Hanoi Police Club and left for Vung Tau for training. While away from home, the 27-year-old striker often called to check on his wife.

In a recent livestream, Chu Thanh Huyen told about Quang Hai's reaction when he heard that the couple's joint TikTok channel had gained more than 100,000 followers after just a week of creating the channel and owned many million-view videos.

"My husband is also happy. But my husband says he's not home so he's stuck with content, stuck with ideas, has nothing to upload anymore. Wife is at home and has no one to record videos with to upload. It's so boring. ", Wags 10X shared.

Chu Thanh Huyen also admitted that without Quang Hai at home, he had to repost videos taken during his recent honeymoon. At the same time, she promised that when her husband returns home, she will continue to make videos and update them on the channel for everyone to see.

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 4

In other developments, right before the 2024 U23 Asian Finals, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has just released a list of the 10 best players in the history of the U23 Asian Finals. Notably on this list is the presence of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai.

Commenting on the player, AFC wrote: "The 2018 tournament introduced Quang Hai's talent to the world. Among Quang Hai's goals, fans remember most the beautiful free kick against the national team's net. Uzbekistan in the finals was honored with the beautiful name "Rainbow in the Snow".

Quang Hai then continuously shined under coach Park Hang Seo. He helped the home team defeat Malaysia to win the 2018 AFF Cup championship. The midfielder born in 1997 was also honored as the Best Player of the tournament that year. Vietnam's journey to the quarterfinals of the 2019 Asian Cup and the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup also had Quang Hai's mark."

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 5

Many people believe that the appearance of Hai "son" is not surprising when at the 2018 U23 Asian Finals, this guy alone scored 5 goals, thereby making a great contribution to helping U23 Vietnam reach the finals. final match of the tournament.

Especially among the goals of the East England-born midfielder that year, the "snow rainbow" free kick that hit Uzbekistan's net in the final is still highly appreciated by the media and fans.

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 6

"Sharing the same tray" with Quang Hai also includes Lee Kang-in, Akram Afif or Suphanat Mueanta. At the most recent finals, the brightest star was Firas Al-Braikan of Saudi Arabia, who made many contributions to help the home team win the 2022 Asian U23 Championship.

It can be seen that after marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai continuously received good news in his career and life. So why can't he pamper his wife?

Marrying Chu Thanh Huyen, Quang Hai constantly received good news, so why didnt he pamper her? - Photo 7

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