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Goalkeeper wife Bui Tien Dung regained her neat shape, showing off her slim waist style after giving birth to her first son

Mộc16:57:40 10/12/2022
Bui Tien Dung is the right psychological husband when he wakes up early to help his wife take care of the children. Netizens expressed their admiration for Dianka - the goalkeeper's wife had just given birth for 2 weeks, but her waist was slim, seemingly without any excess fat...

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Hyun Bin was lethargic after taking care of his wife Son Ye Jin during confinement, you revealed a very loving moment

Mộc10:46:14 07/12/2022
Many people were surprised to see the downhill appearance of actor Hyun Bin. Perhaps the "b.aby dad" had busy days taking care of his wife and children during the confinement, making fans noticing and admiring. After working together in "Crash Landing on You", Hyun Bin and Son Ye...

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Son Ye Jin spends m.oney to buy limited edition gifts for her first c.hild with Hyun Bin

Hoàng Anh10:27:12 27/10/2022
Since the announcement of their first c.hild until now, the couple Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin rarely shares more information about the b.aby on the media, making netizens extremely curious. Recently, a blogger reported that Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin bought a "terrible" gift for his first...

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Hyun Bin has a special plan for his first c.hild, Son Ye Jin will probably agree with both hands after hearing it!

Nắng09:06:19 11/10/2022
Recently, a clip of Hyun Bin's past interview was re-uploaded by fans. In this clip, the actor "Crash Landing on You" said that he did not like swimming in the past. When asked to practice in the water, he was really bored. There was even a time when Hyun Bin put his hand in his...

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Hyun Bin first revealed because the 'b.aby angel' did something special: Not only loves his wife, but also loves number 1

Nắng09:59:38 03/09/2022
In a September 1 interview with Wikitree, Hyun Bin shared about life after marrying actor Son Ye Jin. "Nothing in particular has changed," he said. In response to the movie Confidential Assignment 2: Internation, which just hit theaters, he said, "I've been filming the movie...

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Nha Phuong revealed that her first c.hild had a strange disease, and everyone who heard it was sad

Hoàng Anh08:53:37 25/08/2022
After returning to the same house, the married life of Truong Giang - Nha Phuong is extremely happy, especially with the appearance of her first daughter. Recently, the image of the b.aby has been shared more widely by both. However, up to now, the two artists have still decided...

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The woman who married the doll just gave birth to her first c.hild

Hoàng Anh10:55:18 29/06/2022
Still knowing that love does not distinguish between distance,, gender, but if it does not distinguish between types, it makes many people bewildered. After marrying the doll, Meirivone said that the two did not use safety measures every time they were close. As a result...

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Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage

Hoàng Anh16:15:29 08/06/2022
Push Puttichai plays the male lead - Chatchavee in the Thai movie that is causing a fever all over Asia "The leaf rolls away". He is considered a handsome Thai screen man, has a successful career and a happy married life. Recently, on his personal page, actor Push Puttichai was...

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Happy Ronaldo welcomes the newborn princess home after the s.hock of losing her b.aby

Hoàng Anh14:31:09 22/04/2022
After the pain of losing a c.hild on April 18, fans can now see Ronaldo's smile again in the image of gathering the whole family when welcoming a new member. "Home is first. Gio and our daughter are finally reunited as a family. We want to thank everyone for their kind words and...

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Rihanna reveals the s.ex of her first c.hild with her boyfriend as the date of birth is near

Nắng07:57:25 22/03/2022
Rihanna is expecting her first c.hild with boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky. On March 18 (local time), the paparazzi saw the world's richest singer Rihanna shopping for clothes for her soon-to-be b.aby. The Barbados star pops into a Target store in Los Angeles, USA. As an artist with...

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Quy Binh suddenly posted a 'hidden' status saying that he had his first c.hild, many Vietnamese stars immediately did this?

Huỳnh Như19:33:31 15/03/2022
With a very hidden status, Quy Binh attracted many Vietnamese stars as well as netizens. On the morning of March 15, on her personal page, actress Quy Binh posted a curious status line: "06:55, March 15, 2022", along with the status of feeling lovely. Although Quy Binh did not...

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H.OT: Taeyang (BIGBANG) and Min Hyo Rin officially welcomed their first b.aby boy

Rosé09:41:53 06/12/2021
The famous couple in the entertainment industry has a new family member. Taeyang (BIGBANG) and Min Hyo Rin recently welcomed their first c.hild. It is known that it was a b.oy. According to an exclusive report from Hankook Ilbo, the b.aby boy was born healthy and this means that...

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Brake Lee gave birth to the first c.hild for the CEO of a trillion-dollar corporation

Hà Hà08:41:12 27/07/2021
Recently, actress Phang Lee gave birth to her first daughter by caesarean section at a hospital in Hanoi. The b.aby weighs 3.6 kg and is named Sochu by his parents at home. The Hate and Love actress initially planned to give birth naturally, but until the b.aby was 41 weeks old...

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