Clip mocking Amber Heard "flying color" on Tik Tok, what is going to happen?

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According to TikTok, they removed several videos that used Heard's testimony, which the company said violated its anti-bullying policy.

On May 9, Variety reported that the TikTok team is moving to delete posts about Amber Heard in Fairfax court, especially a video mocking the actress's description of being sexually assaulted and abused.

According to a representative of TikTok, they removed videos related to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Fairfax court, USA for violating community standards and anti-bullying policies, including content that disparages victims of v.iolence.

"We remove videos that show signs of a.buse, including threats or statements, demeaning statements intended to mock, h.umiliate, threaten to embarrass and hurt individuals," a TikTok representative told Variety. .

Clip mocking Amber Heard "flying color" on Tik Tok, what is going to happen? - Photo 1

According to Variety, a series of posts about Amber Heard's sharing appeared on TikTok attracting more than millions of views. Videos of Heard crying in court are often paired with comedy clips intended to mock the actress.

In particular, the video of Amber Heard's emotions when giving testimony in court was paired with a clip of Kim Kardashian working as a judge on Saturday Night Live with mockery, earning more than 30 million views within 5 days.

In addition, the hashtag #amberturd mocking the actress defecating in Johnny Depp's bed reached more than 1.2 billion views. Videos that reproduce Amber Heard's testimony in the mocking manner of an account have been viewed at least 10 million times.

Clip mocking Amber Heard "flying color" on Tik Tok, what is going to happen? - Photo 2

In addition, recently, the female star revealed that she was not the only person who was assaulted by Johnny Depp. Specifically, according to Insider, during the most recent hearing at Fairfax court, Virginia (USA), when recounting the f.ight between her and her ex-husband at the stairs, Amber Heard mentioned a third character. That person is Kate Moss - the former love of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Amber Heard said to protect her sister, the actress raised her hand to hit Johnny Depp back. "I didn't hesitate. This was the first time I used v.iolence against Depp. At that time, I immediately thought of Kate Moss on the stairs and feared that the same thing would happen to my sister." actor narrated.

Immediately after Amber Heard's share, Johnny Depp and his legal support team were both surprised. Particularly the actor laughed in court. This moment then went viral on social media platforms.

This is not the first time Heard has accused her ex-husband of assaulting Kate Moss. The actress once made similar statements in the Depp lawsuit against The Sun when this newspaper published a smear article about him b.eating his ex-wife in 2020.

However, so far, Kate Moss has never once accused her ex-boyfriend of v.iolence against her.

Clip mocking Amber Heard "flying color" on Tik Tok, what is going to happen? - Photo 3

In 1994, Johnny Depp dated Kate Moss - the most popular British supermodel in the 1990s. According to Insider, during their love period, the two were constantly entangled in games, including the s.mashing of the hotel room. in New York with total damage of $9,000. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also caused controversy when he filled the bathtub with champagne for $1,000.

However, the relationship lasted only 4 years. After the breakup, the beauty of the mist confessed that she was very sad, it took a long time to forget the guy "Jack Sparrow".

As can be seen, like most of the plaintiffs suing the defendant for defamation, Johnny Depp is having the challenge of proving all of Amber Heard's testimony (written and oral) to be completely false.

In return, he was supported by the public while the audience pointed their nose at Amber Heard after two sessions of giving testimony in a state of loss of composure, constantly crying. Lawyer Johnny Depp, the audience criticized her for being fake and "playing her life".

Clip mocking Amber Heard "flying color" on Tik Tok, what is going to happen? - Photo 4

But from Daniel Gutenplan's perspective, Depp should not be ruled out as "acting". "It's possible that the two central characters are both acting in a live play," he said.

Fox News claims that Depp's strategy, as everyone has seen, is to "throw as much mud at Heard" as possible. The more she smeared her, the more likely Heard would be discredited and disadvantaged, exposing more holes in the cross-examination.

"Johnny's team will use these holes to prove to the jury that Amber is just acting. However, the answer to the truth is still very difficult to find because we don't know who is who. Where does the truth begin and end?", analyzed Gutenplan, and wondered.

Legal experts said that it would not be wise for us - those with legal expertise, the media and also the audience and fans who love the two stars - to draw any conclusions at this stage. , because that is like "looking in the mirror when the hair is only half cut".

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