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The male god's beauty exploded, fans went c.razy when he was a judge at Miss Universe Thailand

Như Ý Kim17:22:29 16/07/2024
Vietnamese netizens were in a stir looking for information when they recently heard that actor Film Thanapat was one of the members of the Miss Universe Thailand 2024 Final Jury.

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Minh Kien was criticized for his strange attitude towards Dao Hien and actions that made fans uncomfortable

Kim Oanh14:34:18 16/07/2024
Present at the final event of Mr World Vietnam 2024, Minh Kien sat in the front row along with the beauty queens and runners-up such as Dao Hien and Khanh Linh. However, the Gen Z queen was scrutinized for some difficult details. understand.

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Miss Supranational "failed" after leaving Vietnam out of the top, getting into a series of scandals

Trí Nhi21:36:17 11/07/2024
The Miss Supranational 2024 contest ended with the crowning of an Indonesian beauty. Lydie Vu of Vietnam sadly exited the top full of regret. From here, disaster began to hit BTC, when a series of accusations of fake trading contests began to spread.

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Miss Supranational suspected of pressuring Lydie Vu, spreading news that Vietnam has not paid royalties

Gia Nhi13:48:27 08/07/2024
The final night of Miss Supranational 2024 (Miss Supranational) has officially ended, but the results of the representative of Vietnam - Lydie Vu are still a controversial topic. This shocking out top is rumored to be due to the Vietnamese side.

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The grand phoenix made fans burst into tears, the main role guaranteed a sad ending

Kim Oanh13:09:47 07/07/2024
The love movie Phoenix starring Ren Jialuan and Peng Xiaoyin has been closed. With a beautiful cast, and a contrasting love story between the two main characters, it promises to bring the audience a tearful love story

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Pedal the Wind 2024: Suni Ha Linh won 2 tournaments and is still absent from the w.inning squad

Thiên Di10:38:08 06/07/2024
After nearly 3 months of launch, Pedal the Wind 2024 officially ended with the Final Night with the participation of 33 billion people present in this year's season. The final result of the Representative of Vietnam - Suni Ha Linh made many people regret.

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Miss AI: 10 sincere candidates appeared, making beauty fans super happy

Kim Oanh15:45:55 04/07/2024
Fanvue first announced and launched the Miss AI contest in April and quickly received more than 1,500 applications, from AI models created around the world.

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Pham Thoai "crowned Miss", occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime

Đức Trí13:12:27 08/06/2024
Mentor The Shoppertainer - Pham Thoai has just made netizens wave, with a series of expressions of a lifetime in the finale of the contest. When hearing the announcement of his team's contestants becoming the champion, Pham Thoai had a celebration with 1-0-2, causing a fever.

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The new Miss Universe Philippines caused controversy and was crowned in a unique way like no other

Thanh Phúc10:12:19 23/05/2024
The beauty of the crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2024 is a topic of great interest to beauty fans, and is widely discussed across beauty queen groups. Even more laughable and crying was her tragic crown-wearing performance.

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Miss Eco: Vietnam was upset when they came out of the top, coach Bui Quynh Hoa was severely criticized

Pinky14:01:25 29/04/2024
The final night of Miss Eco International 2024 - Miss Eco International has just officially ended, the representative of Vietnam - runner-up Hoang Kim Chi felt sad when she was not named in the top 21, fans shouted Bui Quynh's name. Flowers, heavy criticism.

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Vietnam team is in danger of falling into the Asian Cup d.eath group thanks to coach Troussier to leave consequences

Cương Bá22:02:57 31/03/2024
The Vietnamese team is in great danger of not having tickets to the 3rd qualifying round of the 2026 World Cup in Asia. The wait for the gold stars is seen as another heavy repercussion.

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Mai Phuong returned to Vietnam after finishing in the top 12 of Miss World, Phuong Nhi 'disappeared' at the airport

Pinky14:46:44 11/03/2024
Miss Mai Phuong officially landed in Vietnam, after her journey to compete in the 71st Miss World - Miss World. The queen is radiant in the arms of her fans, family and sisters. However, runner-up Phuong Nhi continued to be absent, causing confusion.

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Miss World has just been crowned but has encountered trouble, is it possible that she won't be able to keep the crown?

JLO17:13:38 10/03/2024
Miss World encountered an unprecedented situation in history after the Czech Republic beauty was crowned, beauty fans received criticism from netizens.

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Nam Em - Que Van 'judged' Mai Phuong right in the Miss World final, their attitude was obvious

Trí Nhi09:44:00 10/03/2024
The famous pair of sisters, Nam Em and Que Van, suddenly went on livestream to watch the 71st Miss World final - Miss World. The scrutiny of Vietnam's representative, Mai Phuong, caused controversy in the online community.

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Miss World: Thailand, Philippines out top, Venezuela shares the same fate, fans are stunned

Pinky07:42:50 10/03/2024
International media is simultaneously making waves, discussing the final results of the 71st Miss World contest - Miss World. Accordingly, a series of beauty powers such as Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela,... are all out of the top 40.

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Miss World: 4 most favored names revealed, Mai Phuong ignored by organizers, no chance?

Đức Trí11:12:23 09/03/2024
The final of the 71st Miss World contest - Miss World is approaching. Vietnam's representative - Miss Mai Phuong recently disappointed people when she was ignored by organizers and was absent from the top 4 most favored people at the rehearsal.

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Mai Phuong shined at MW, the management company immediately did this, fans were extremely happy

An Nhi17:21:39 24/02/2024
Mai Phuong's charisma in her journey to conquer the Miss World crown is currently being followed by beauty fans. Recently, the queen's management company decided to do something that made the audience applaud.

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Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty "crushes" Mai Phuong

Thiên Di11:08:28 20/02/2024
Krystyna Pyszková - representative from the Czech Republic is one of the notable names at Miss World 2023. With her outstanding height and angelic beauty with blonde hair, she is predicted to be a strong candidate. for this year's crown.

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that Li Quyen suddenly announced her disbandment shortly after the band Sister Dep was formed?

Phi Đức10:42:36 04/02/2024
Le Quyen officially became 1 of 7 beautiful sisters who will debut with the g.irl group after Beautiful Sister Wind Turn 2023. However, the singer suddenly confused the audience when she suddenly shared about not sharing the stage with the beautiful sisters after the group.

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H'Hen Niê posted a letter after Final 1, admitting her mistakes and asking the audience to forgive her

Châu Anh14:34:27 30/01/2024
The appearance of Miss H Hen Niê in the show Beautiful G.irl riding the wind and waves attracted the attention of the audience. However, the queen's comments were quite pale compared to the beautiful sisters. However, H Hen Niê said she was happy to have accompanied the program.

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MLee - Trang Phap mended their relationship in the finale, Le Quyen was still struggling

Phong Trần15:16:03 29/01/2024
Final 1 Beautiful G.irl Pedaling the Wind Turns the Wave received special attention from the audience, everyone was curious about the performance of the two teams Trang Phap and MLee. Instead of arguing with each other, the captains made moves that are said to have mended their relationship.

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MLee - Le Quyen won after final 1, the audience 'booed' unconvincingly

Mẫn Nhi19:08:32 28/01/2024
In final 1, two groups, MLee and Trang Phap, won with a ratio of 1:1. Even though they were evenly matched, the audience was still upset that MLee's team won unconvincingly. Trang Phap's losing card even climbed to the top of the trending list overnight.

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Trang Phap - MLee "confrontation" tension: The undefeated, the multi-talented, who is better than the other?

An Nhi12:54:51 28/01/2024
Up to now, Trang Phap and MLee are considered strong elements of "Beautiful Girl" who can dance, sing, and perform well. Both will be the two team captains going into the final night of the show Beautiful G.irl.

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Lan Ngoc overwhelms all the beautiful women, she is the only one who has one thing, a guaranteed chance to debut

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:38:31 24/01/2024
Becoming one of the beautiful women riding the wind and turning the waves, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is one of the famous beautiful women with a huge number of fans at the present time. The on-screen gem impresses with her exceptional dancing skills.

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