'Beautiful sister' Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son

Minh PhúcMar 02, 2024 at 14:21

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Chinese netizens are constantly aroused by Ella's sharing of a difficult hobby of herself. Many comments condemned the singer for needing more attention because she is already a mother.

Currently, in the current ranking of "Top most searched keywords on Weibo", news about Chinese beauty - Ella ( S.H.E) is holding the first position. The reason comes from Ella's shocking statement about the supposedly strange, somewhat offensive hobby. Even this hobby was reminded by her own son Elle not to do it.

Specifically, during the press conference for the new album on February 29, when asked by a reporter about bad habits in daily life. Ella didn't hesitate when she opened up about how she enjoys exercising when she wasn't wearing clothes. Even the singer said that she has been caught many times by her son in a sensitive condition.

At such times, the son immediately made a request: "Mom, can you please stop being like that when exercising?" Faced with her son's request, Ella immediately agreed and apologized: "It's my habit but this is my room. I promise you I won't walk out of the room like that."

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 1

Ella's share immediately took social media by storm. Many people believe that, as a celebrity and a mother, Ella should have paid more attention to her every move. Many people also wonder why Ella can withstand exercising without clothes: "Is this happening?", "Oh my gosh, it's unbelievable", "What is she not afraid to say?", "My son is also 7 years old, this is not good at all" ...

In addition to the comments expressing confusion and criticism, many people also made positive comments saying that Ella knew the error and corrected it, the public should not be too strict. Because whether you are an artist or a mother, you have your own life.

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 2

Ella, whose real name is Chen Jiahua, was born in 1981, joined showbiz two decades ago. She is loved through many roles: member of the band S.H.E, actress, presenter ... She is married to businessman Lai Zixiang and leads a rather private life. Once famous for her tomboy style, but since becoming a wife and mother, Ella has become increasingly feminine and wistful.

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 3

In the 2000s, S.H.E. was one of the most popular Chinese-language groups. Any album of the group will create a great buzz, receiving special support from the audience. Ella herself, thanks to her appearance and tomboy style, is different from many female stars of her time, but caught the eye of filmmakers, thereby opening up a glorious acting path no less than a singing career.

The artist is familiar with Vietnamese audiences through films such as Rose of Love, Flower of Teenage Girls, Reaching for the Stars...

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 4

In 2012, Ella married her Malaysian businessman boyfriend Lai Tu Tuong. Thanks to possessing an outstanding height of 1m90 and a beautiful face, Lai Tu Tuong was once commented by netizens as no worse than a showbiz star.

On that day, Ella's wedding attracted a lot of attention from the media and fans. At the wedding, Ella wore jewelry amounting to more than 11 billion VND. The wedding of Ella and Lai Tu Tuong not only gathered a large cast of artists such as Xu Xiyuan, Selina and Hebe - 2 members of S.H.E, Thai Yilin, Sun Yantu... but also a lot of big players in the business field.

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 5

After marriage, Ella seemed much more feminine, she liked to wear stylish dresses, long hair, makeup. Once the humorous media asked if it was because Lai Zixiang loved femininity, the singer smiled and revealed that her husband never asked his wife to change anything.

After 5 years of marriage, the two happily welcomed their first son, married life became even more fulfilling. Not only does she have a happy married life, but she is also fortunate to have the support of her husband at work. In addition to his own business, Ella's husband is in charge of managing the entertainment company, accompanying his wife in all work. At the age of 42, Ella became one of the most fulfilling stars in Chinese showbiz when she not only had a happy marriage but also an extremely stable career.

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 6

Beautiful sister Ella receives criticism for not wearing gym cloth in front of her son - Photo 7

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