Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online

Châu AnhMay 24, 2024 at 16:17

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After her burial, Chau Hai My's audience has many ways to remember and express their respect to her. Among them, fans can visit Chau Hai My's tombstone online through the website of Thien Tho cemetery.

Thien Tho Cemetery, Changping District, Beijing (Celebrity Avenue) became the "new home" of actress Chau Hai My. Her ashes were laid to rest in Beijing - where she lived and worked for 21 years, instead of her hometown Hong Kong (China).

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 1

Recently, according to newspaper 163 , Thien Tho cemetery has an online memorial for the beauty Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky . Fans can use technology to express their condolences and remember the late actor if they live far away and cannot afford to visit. Accordingly, the audience can choose flowers, fruit plates, incense, and candles to display in front of Chau Hai My tombstone.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 2

Many fans posted online memorial videos at Chau Hai My burial cemetery after this new application was introduced. Up to now, nearly 400 bouquets of flowers and fruit plates have been offered online to the deceased, hoping that the actress will receive good things in heaven.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 3

Not only online memorials, fans can also go directly to Thien Tho cemetery to visit Chau Hai My's grave. Her tombstone is specially designed with the image of Chu Chi Nhuoc, the classic character that she portrayed excellently in the movie "Yu Thien Tu Long Ky". This is a way for fans to remember Chau Hai My's impressive roles and contributions to cinema.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 4

Half a year after Chau Hai My passed away, the love and interest of fans has not diminished. Many fans still regularly visit her grave, placing fresh flowers and small gifts to express their respect and condolences.

Half a month ago, Chau Hai My's mother and her representative filmed a video in the villa where her daughter used to live in Beijing to greet everyone. She overcame the pain of losing her c.hild and faced life.

All of Chau Hai My's social network accounts are kept by her family, and her pets are also well cared for by her relatives. The actress's pet dog Tieu Luc is increasingly attached to Van Ca - Chau Hai My's younger brother.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 5

Previously, the actor's family announced that all of Chau Hai My's real estate and assets would be inherited by her mother according to the law.

Chau Hai My was born in 1966 and is a Hong Kong beauty who became famous in 1985 after participating in the Miss Hong Kong contest (China). Chau Hai My is famous for films such as Nghia Bat Dung Tinh, Thien Dia Hao Hung, Thien Do Long Ky, Mat Dai Hoang Ton, Tu Hai Tung Hoanh, Vo My Nuong Truyen Ky, Huong Mat Like Smoke... In particular, her role as Chu Chi Nhuoc in Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky (1994) is considered a classic of the Chinese screen.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 6

On December 12, 2023, actress Chau Hai My's management company announced her d.eath at the age of 57. The cause stemmed from ineffective treatment of her illness. "Hai My left us on December 11, 2023 after ineffective treatment. We pray that in heaven she will not have to suffer from illness and we will meet again in the next life", office work of 90s star Chau Hai My has made an official announcement.

Chau Hai My's passing surprised and saddened the public.

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 7

Previously, there was a lot of information that she had lupus erythematosus since she was a c.hild, leading to her exhausted health and having to breathe with an oxygen machine at home. Chau Hai My had no children. Before her d.eath, the actress lived alone with six pets in a 100 square meter villa located in Thuan Nghia district, Beijing, estimated to be worth more than 100 million yuan (more than 14 million USD). ).

Chau Hai My opened a special memorial place, fans can visit online - Photo 8

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