Chau Hai My was buried in the city associated with her life

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On the morning of April 18, Chau Hai My's studio announced that the actress's "new home" is located in Beijing. The address is "Ruyi District (Celebrities Avenue), Tianshou Cemetery, Changping District, Beijing".

Chau Hai My's mother sent a letter to her fans, posted on the artist management company's Weibo account. She wrote: "Hai My's new house is in Beijing, the cemetery is in Xuong Binh area. My family looked for many locations in both Hong Kong and Beijing, and felt that this new house was the most suitable."

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The announcement said Chau Hai My has been attached to Beijing, living and working here for 21 years. The actress's family searched many places in Hong Kong (China) and found Beijing to be a suitable location.

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During her lifetime, Chau Hai My loved the capital Beijing, falling in love with this place after once admiring the snowfall. From the age of 36, she moved here to live, work and have worked for 21 years. Last December, she died in her private villa in this city.

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The actress's mother also liked the location, which is convenient for fans to have a chance to remember and worship.

Public information shows that Tianshou Cemetery is a cemetery approved by the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in 1997. According to Sohu , many famous figures are buried here, including actor Chen Xiaoxu, famous calligrapher Luu Binh Sam, famous comedian Hau Dieu Van, actress Ly Vien Vien...

In addition, the studio announced that all accounts on Chau Hai My's social platforms, including her pet's accounts, will be retained to preserve memories with the public.

When she was alive, Chau Hai My was a dog and cat lover, raising many pets in her villa in Beijing (China) for companionship. The sister of the star of the movie "Dear Love" said that bringing this group of pets to Hong Kong will have to go through a quarantine process as well as other complicated procedures, taking many months to complete.

That's why the family handed them over to the actress's friends who are animal lovers so they can be well taken care of. Chau Hai My's family also hopes that some viewers will stop coming to her house in Beijing to film.

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With this announcement, Chau Hai My's family and management team send their gratitude to fans, giving the late actress nostalgia and many condolence gifts. They would like to express their gratitude for this love for the rest of their lives.

Chau Hai My was born in 1966 and had her first role as Duong Cuu Muoi in the TVB movie Duong Gia Tuong . After that, she was assigned many roles in films such as Trieu Phu Manh, Destiny, Meaning of Unrelenting Love ...

Entering the 90s, Chau Hai My became a familiar face and made waves on Hong Kong screens with many popular films such as Kim Sinh Vo Hoi, Secret of the Heart, Tung Hoanh Tu Hai ... and was loved by the audience through the role of A The in the movie Passionate Love.

She is best known for her role as Chu Chi Nhuoc in the movie Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky (1994) and is the only version of Chu Chi Nhuoc recognized by author Kim Dung.

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He gave many compliments to Chau Hai My through this role. To him, Chau Hai My is the most perfect version of Chu Chi Nhuoc when portraying the character's dignified, gentle, but somewhat evil spirit.

Possessing a beautiful appearance, Chau Hai My was once considered a beauty in Hong Kong showbiz in the 1990s.

The actress suddenly passed away in December 2023 at her home, at the age of 57. According to St Headline , the first person to discover Hai My in a coma was the actress's partner. The same morning, this person found Hai My lying unconscious on the floor and took her to the hospital.

The family announced that the actress died from cardiovascular disease. She did not suffer much pain and passed away peacefully.

After her d.eath, Chau Hai My was commemorated at the TVB awards ceremony in January and the Golden Tuong awards ceremony in mid-April this year.

All of Chau Hai My's assets and real estate were inherited by the actor's mother. According to HK01 , the star left behind a fortune exceeding 15 million USD.

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