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The journey to rescue a 10-year-old b.oy from a concrete pillar in Dong Thap: Vietnam unites in prayer

TL11:20:55 04/01/2023
Up to now, it has been more than 4 days since Thai Ly Hao Nam (SN 2012) was stuck in a concrete pile 35m deep, 25cm in diameter at the construction site of Roc Sen bridge project, Phu Loi commune, Thanh Binh district, province. Dong Thap. But the work of pulling concrete piles...

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Push Puttichai revealed that his wife was pregnant with her first c.hild after 4 years of marriage

Hoàng Anh16:15:29 08/06/2022
Push Puttichai plays the male lead - Chatchavee in the Thai movie that is causing a fever all over Asia "The leaf rolls away". He is considered a handsome Thai screen man, has a successful career and a happy married life. Recently, on his personal page, actor Push Puttichai was...

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Thousands of people fled in droves to evade Covid-19 testing in India

team youtube21:38:01 24/05/2021
When the second wave of Covid-19 swept into India with tremendous destruction, people blamed the authorities. There were no tough measures to prevent the disease from spreading on a large scale, until the epidemic broke out strongly, the already weak health system could not resist, leading to collapse. However, to prevent

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