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TikToker Soanh and Diep divorced, why did one of them cheat and cheat on the other?

JLO10:50:43 22/03/2024
H.ot TikToker couple Soanh and Diep recently caused a stir in public opinion with a series of signs of instability that made fans have a bad feeling. Furthermore, information spread online that the reason the couple went their separate ways was because one of them had an affair.

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CiiN responded to the news of cheating on her ex-lover, surprised and said that fans should be less judgmental, implying that they are victims?

Đức Trí20:03:01 21/03/2024
H.ot tiktoker CiiN had a notable post right after being caught up in the noise of cheating on her dancer ex-lover, publicly announcing her new lover, and posting a passionate lip-lock on Tiktok. She hinted that she was a victim, telling the online community to stop judging.

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While CiiN was dating Ngo Dinh Nam, her ex-lover made a move to make her past public

An Nhi17:00:40 15/03/2024
In recent days, h.ot tiktoker CiiN caused a stir when she publicly dated and locked lips with her new boyfriend. During this time, many netizens are curious about her ex-boyfriend's movements. Previously, both of them attracted attention when appearing at Who is that person?

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CiiN revealed evidence of cheating on ex-girlfriend dancer, Ngo Dinh Nam received criticism?

Trí Nhi14:45:48 15/03/2024
While the online community is discussing the public clip of tiktoker CiiN's lover, this g.irl born in 1997 continues to receive a lot of controversy, when netizens r.eveal evidence that she cuckolded her former dancer lover.

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What did Hailey Baldwin say about the rumors of being "horned" by Justin Bieber, a billionaire couple?

Vân Anh08:43:42 08/03/2024
Us Weekly reported on March 6, Hailey Bieber spoke out about billionaire dating rumors behind Justin's back, causing the marriage to break down. She said she saw the rumors online and was upset because they were 100% false.

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Ngoc Trinh changed unexpectedly after being "cuckolded" by her boyfriend and had to cut her hair for refuge

Kim Lâm13:43:17 28/02/2024
Le Ngoc Trinh was once considered a copy of famous female model Ngoc Trinh. Le Ngoc Trinh once attracted attention when she was cheated on by her boyfriend and had to cut her hair and take refuge. Up to now, her life is still of interest to many people.

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Dad blatantly stole his son's girlfriend and tried to protect his lover in front of his wife

Phi Yến17:37:46 22/02/2024
I thought there would be a rare a.dultery in the movie, but I didn't expect this to happen in real life. The father's actions made the online community even more angry.

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Knowing he was being cheated on, the man showed a sensitive clip of his wife and lover right at the wedding ceremony

Hướng Dương15:21:53 26/01/2024
In retaliation for his fiancée cheating on him, the groom decided to release a video of his partner's blushing face with his lover right at the wedding, surprising many people.

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For more than a decade, the man was devastated when he learned that his children were not his

Bình Minh11:21:59 12/01/2024
The poor man had been married for 16 years and had four children, and suddenly one day he discovered that all of them were not related by b.lood. Even though his wife did something wrong, she still blatantly said something shocking.

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Quang Dang was questioned by netizens about loving his new girlfriend since he still knew Thai Trinh?

Vân Anh17:12:49 28/12/2023
Even though they broke up for 3 years, the noise surrounding the breakup of the couple Quang Dang - Thai Trinh is still frequently mentioned by the audience. Recently, netizens once again had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the handsome dancer in one detail.

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The husband worked far away, sent m.oney regularly to support his fiancée, and suddenly turned into a "reindeer" on Christmas Eve

Châu Anh16:11:17 27/12/2023
On social networks, the story of a husband in Nghe An whose reindeer horns were grown on Christmas Eve is causing a stir. According to the sharing, the guy was surprised to discover that his fiancée was having an extramarital relationship while he was working abroad.

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Huang Mingxing no one defended, had to create a fake nick to comment offensively to My Chen?

Vân Anh08:21:11 01/12/2023
After a series of moves to defend My Tran from friends and colleagues of the two. Minh Hung was scrutinized by the online community for setting up fake Instagram nicks to comment offensively on his ex-girlfriend.

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Bau Krysie does not deny the "cuckolding" story, Gavin continues to show extremely convincing evidence!

Khánh Huyền18:24:46 30/11/2023
The noisy story about a third person interfering in the relationship of Bau Krysie and her tomboy lover Gavin is gradually becoming clear because all three people involved have spoken out. Bau Krysie posted an apology, but there was no mention of a third person in it.

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Wife found out her husband was having an affair thanks to Blackpink Concert and countless situations "laughing out tears"

JLO10:52:56 31/07/2023
Recently, a story about a wife discovering her husband has a third person is causing a stir in the online community when her husband and his lover go to the concert of the group BLACKPINK.

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The female TikToker cheated on her lover because of her 8 million salary, broke up and challenged her, and frankly said she was incompetent and useless

Thanh Phúc07:19:32 06/07/2023
The internet was in an uproar at the scandal of a female TikToker who was accused by her ex-lover of being a cheater, criticizing her boyfriend with a salary of 8 million so they broke up even though they had previously sworn off a relationship. What is more noteworthy is the challenge and challenge. Hers is for this ex-lover.

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Insinuated by Miley Cyrus as a "small three" in Flowers, Jennifer Lawrence first reacted

Chi Chu13:31:07 28/06/2023
For many years as the third person to make Liam Hemsworth have an affair behind Miley Cyrus, actress Jennifer Lawrence recently spoke up and said she only kissed Liam once after he broke up with his girlfriend.

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Trieu Le Dinh was exposed about being pregnant with the beautiful male Cbiz, for Phung Thieu Phong "to shed the shell"

Nắng16:15:55 15/06/2023
At the present time, it is true that Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong have gone their separate ways, but the son always receives attention and care from the paternal family and Phung Thieu Phong is the biological father of the c.hild. young?

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Going to work in Japan for 3 years, the wife stayed at home to take all the m.oney to support her mistress, the husband came back surprised and became empty-handed

Đức Trí07:23:42 02/06/2023
Netizens are constantly talking about the sad story of a guy who has a wife and children who moved away from home to a foreign country to try to m.ake m.oney and help his family have a better life. However, it is a shame when how much m.oney is sent back in 3 years, all of them are...

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Young people fenced in love with 4 people at once, exposed because of 1 comment, everyone was shocked?

Xuân Xuân15:52:08 29/05/2023
Netizens are extremely excited, sharing dizzyingly the story of a b.oy with a romantic personality. At one time, all 4 girls fell in love, seducing sweet honey, making everyone who heard it stunned. In the past few days, social media users are sharing, spreading and ridiculing...

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Loving each other for 4 years, the g.irl was shocked when she received "long horns", just an apology and was immediately blocked

T.P13:47:05 22/03/2023
Netizens were stirred by the 4-year love story, which seemed as beautiful as a dream when it was the g.irl's first love, but unexpectedly "went into the ground" when she discovered that she was "cuckolded" by her lover. In recent days, social media users have been constantly...

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Thai Trinh: Noisy being "cuckolded" by Quang Dang, depressed, talented but still not "blooming"

pipi15:42:11 09/03/2023
Natural talent with a sweet voice, has a distinct mark, but the name Thai Trinh has not resonated so far. Meanwhile, the female singer is mainly remembered by the public with noises from being "cuckolded" by her lover to admitting to being depressed. Thai Trinh is a female...

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Megan Fox was "cuckolded" by her fiancé, the wedding was officially canceled?

N.P14:44:35 14/02/2023
After a heated argument over suspicions of a.dultery, Megan Fox - the star of the movie "Transformers" officially made great moves with her fiancé, making fans worried. The couple's wedding is also expected to be annulled. Megan Fox and Machine G.un Kelly met on the set of the...

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The "hell" marriage of a doomed wife, whose husband cheated on her to the point of 2 miscarriages

Le Tuan08:14:54 08/02/2023
This Tuesday is the story of a woman who faces many difficulties in her marriage when she encounters her abusive and abusive husband. After many years of suffering and suffering, she stood up and found her own freedom. When she was young, she and her husband came together...

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Dancer 'cuckold' her extremely high-handed lover: Going to a friend named Chi but actually living with Hieu

Rosé08:17:42 03/01/2023
The story of a beautiful dancer who was accused of promiscuity and created a group of imaginary friends quickly spread throughout the web and became a h.ot selling topic. In the past few days, social media has been stirred up by the story that a dancer from the Vietnamese music...

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