How is Brad Pitt depressed because he was abandoned by an outcast, after 8 years?

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Brad Pitt's post-divorce life can be considered bittersweet. He has great achievements in his career and found a new love destination, but at the same time becomes entangled in a persistent legal battle with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

In September 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Since that time, the media no longer sees the actor born in 1963 appearing in the same frame with any of the 6 Jolie-Pitt children.

Unlike Tom Cruise, who completely ignores his daughter Suri, Brad Pitt still visits and sees his children. OK! magazine reported that Brad didn't want to be photographed, so he often arranged appointments in private locations that were difficult to see.

How is Brad Pitt depressed because he was abandoned by an outcast, after 8 years? - Photo 1

During COVID-19, Angelina was unable to fly her children around the world like in previous years, instead choosing her home in Los Angeles as a shelter. This property is only about a 5-minute drive from Brad Pitt's mansion. As a result, the children often go back and forth to both mom and dad's house. The Bullet Train actor's property purchased in 1994 is considered a "paradise" for active children because of its outdoor swimming pool, giant trampoline, large skateboarding rink and large garden space suitable for soccer - Zahara and Shiloh's favorite sport.

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According to Your Tango, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's 6 common children seem to split into 2 camps. The three adopted children are separated from their father, while the three biological children maintain a close relationship.

US Weekly's 2020 source revealed Brad did not go back and forth or speak to Maddox and Pax Thien. Relations between Brad and his Cambodian-born eldest son have been tense since a scuffle allegedly occurred on a private jet from France to the United States in 2016. Maddox even testified against his father in the custody battle for the parents.

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Angelina was upset that her children were not allowed to testify in court about the alleged physical impact. However, according to sources in 2021, Maddox gave adverse testimony to Brad after reaching adulthood. Gen Z boys even plan to release a book that delves into their complicated relationship. According to OK! magazine, Brad Pitt loved Maddox but couldn't bridge the gap.

Brad and Pax Thien last appeared together in June 2017. Once there, both were seen at a psychological treatment facility in Los Angeles. They did not go together, but took turns entering the facility and undergoing an hour of therapy before leaving. The two received advice from a doctor who specializes in solving problems between prominent parents and minors in Hollywood. Not only Pax Thien, but the other children all had to undergo compulsory psychological treatment related to the divorce.

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After the divorce, Brad Pitt's life changed dramatically. In an interview with GQ UK magazine in 2022, he said he decided to quit drinking in 2016. Not long after her shocking breakup with Angelina, she spent 18 months attending regular meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous. Not only that, but during COVID-19, he decided to give up c.igarettes because he realized it didn't bring any benefits.

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Brad Pitt also experienced years of low-grade depression. Luckily, he learned how to face his true self, including beauty and ugliness, to capture moments of joy.

In addition to focusing on his long legal battle with Angelina Jolie, Brad has not forgotten to strive in his career. The biggest achievement for him was the Academy A.ward for Best Supporting Actor in 2020. Before that, he missed the prestigious golden statuette 5 times. His role in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood helped him fulfill the most prestigious dream in his life as an actor.

How is Brad Pitt depressed because he was abandoned by an outcast, after 8 years? - Photo 6

At the age of 61, Brad Pitt is praised for reverse aging, having the irresistible charm of mature, careerd men. He regularly takes lead roles in big screen projects.

In terms of his personal life, Brad Pitt began dating 27-year-old beauty Ines de Ramon, the ex-wife of Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley, in 2022. They have moved in together but have not considered marriage.

How is Brad Pitt depressed because he was abandoned by an outcast, after 8 years? - Photo 7

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