Bona: Jisoo's best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting

Minh NgọcJan 29, 2024 at 07:36

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Originally known as an idol singer, Bona made the audience remember her with her outstanding roles and visuals in many supporting roles in television dramas.

Bona's real name is Kim Jiyeon, born in 1995. The 9X beauty has an outstanding appearance with an oval face and big, round eyes, and a well-proportioned b.ody that shines on stage. Bona holds the positions of lead dancer, vocalist, sub rapper and Visual in the group. Bona also had a relatively long number of years as a trainee with 6 years of training at Cube and 1 year at Starship before debuting with WJSN in 2016. Before becoming an idol, Bona was able to play the piano very well.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 1

However, after many years of operation, WJSN has not had any "hit" songs or outstanding activities. Therefore, Bona also has few opportunities to shine and become widely known as a singer. The 9x beauty began looking for more opportunities in the film industry.

In 2017, she had her debut role in the movie The best hit . In the film, she takes on the supporting female character Do Hye Ri. Although she only appears a little, she still leaves an impression on the audience with her stirring beauty and dancing ability. Even though she only took on a small role, Bona's beauty and charisma began to attract the attention of many filmmakers.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 2

Some other movies that Bona has participated in include: Young Women 1979, Radio Romance, Your house helper, Homemade love story ... However, most of these movies did not create a buzz. Bona's roles are only "supporting" in nature, so it's difficult to make her name go far.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 3

Only when she had the opportunity to play Ko Yu Rim of Age 25, 21 did Bona's name become sought after by a large audience. In the film, she plays swordsman Ko Yu Rim, the rival and best friend of female lead Na Hee Do. Talking about Ko Yurim, this role is considered a character with a complex interior, always trying to appear perfect and proud to hide his poor background.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 4

In the first episodes, Bona's character was hated for being cold, aggressive and selfish. However, as time goes on, Ko Yu Rim makes viewers feel pity and sympathy. Bona's acting when her family went bankrupt or her s.hock when her opponent took away the gold medal were praised by viewers as genuine.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 5

For this role, Bona seems to have been quite successful in portraying the character. She made the audience's b.lood boil in the first few episodes and felt sympathy for the situation of the character she played. After episode 7 was released on March 5, the majority of moviegoers were extremely angry at Yurim's aggressive and selfish behavior, while there were also some viewers who sympathized with this character. Some fans of the movie left bad words on Bona's personal Instagram.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 6

Overall, for a "crossover idol", Bona did very well, breaking the stereotype that idols often don't know how to act. The attraction of Age 25 and 21 throughout Asia has also helped Bona's name skyrocket. Bona also admitted that Age 25 at 21 is having extremely positive impacts on her career. The actress said she was very surprised when every time she went down the street, people recognized her even though she was wearing a mask and hat.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 7

In 2023, Bona continued to return to the small screen with the main role of Lee Yeon Joo in the movie Joseon Dynasty Lawyer . The film tells the story of Kang Han Soo (Woo Do Hwan), a lawyer in the Joseon Dynasty, who is determined to take revenge on the person who caused his parents' d.eath through a trial. Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Joo (Bona) is a confident, energetic and idealistic princess who seeks to avenge her father by using the law.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 8

Initially, the film was expected to have the participation of young stars Woo Do Hwan and Bona. If the WJSN member receives a lot of positive feedback about her acting skills and styling suitable for historical costumes, her co-star also has the advantage of a handsome, masculine appearance and stable acting.

Ever since Joseon Lawyer released the first images, the audience has been extremely pleased with Bona's costume design. Even when the movie aired, she was hailed as the most beautiful beauty in Korean movies today. Even though she's beautiful, Bona still upsets the audience in this comeback. The biggest problem comes from the thing that once made her highly praised: her acting. Many viewers believe that Bona's expressions are unnatural, her acting is awkward and pale compared to her co-stars. It seems that she is not yet ready for a leading role as the audience still sees the appearance of Twenty Five, Twenty One in this role.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 9

That's why it's unfortunate that the film couldn't make a breakthrough in viewership ratings. Specifically, in the 4 broadcast episodes, "Joseon Attorney" only achieved an average rating of 2.7%-2.9%, according to Nielsen Korea.

Not only is Bona remembered by the audience as an idol and actress, she also has an extremely close relationship with Jisoo (BLACKPINK). The two have been friends since before their debut. They both started out as idols and have now branched out into acting, so it seems like the two have more things in common to become closer and closer.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 10

Despite their busy schedules, both girls always try to make time to support each other's personal projects and activities. Bona and Jisoo also often share many moments together on their personal pages, making fans of both sides extremely excited.

Bona: Jisoos best friend, originally an idol but rose to fame through acting - Photo 11

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