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Rebel rapper Cardi B: From pole dancer to new generation rap queen

Minh Phúc17:39:53 29/02/2024
Few people know that besides her edgy and rebellious appearance, Cardi B's music carries many valuable messages about racism, gender equality, feminism...

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Cardi B "went berserk" throwing microphone at audience's head: 'exhibit' auctioned for charity

Đình Thi19:04:08 03/08/2023
Cardi B is currently a name of special international interest because in less than 24 hours, this rapper has twice thrown the microphone at others while performing on stage.

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Cardi B was 'c.razy' and threw the mic at the audience's head when she was splashed with water, making the fans 'surprised'

Yang Mi08:04:46 31/07/2023
While performing energetically on stage, Cardi was suddenly splashed with water by an audience member, this action made the female singer sobbing madly, throwing the mic at the head of this unlucky audience.

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