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Did BLACKPINK officially break up? What is the "miracle" to save the situation when YG "does not crave" to hold on?

Korean stars

10:09:55 08/08/2023
Today, August 8th is the 7th anniversary of the debut of the popular Korean g.irl group - BlackPink. Unlike every year, this is a sad anniversary, because it is also the time when the group is out of contract with YG Entertainment.

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Singer Duy Khanh: comes from a famous family, is considered one of the "four pillars of golden music"

Star's profile

16:37:18 24/07/2023
Duy Khanh is known as the most famous male singer, songwriter and music producer before 1975. He is considered one of the four golden pillars along with Hung Cuong, Che Linh and Nhat Truong.

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Duong Duong was downgraded, estranged after the wedding photo was leaked, Tieu Chien was under tension

Chinese stars

13:46:13 18/07/2023
Although it is not a traffic backup, the people who have worked with Wei Dai Huan are all top A-list stars of the Chinese language, surprising netizens. It can be seen that the actor has worked very hard to find a place in Cbiz.

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