Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony

Minh NgọcFeb 22, 2024 at 15:21

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Female singer Billie Eilish was once again involved in a controversy over her statement when she was accused of being contemptuous of TikTokers at the People's Choice Awards. Billie Eilish's actions sparked many mixed opinions.

Billie Eilish is facing a wave of heavy criticism because of an unintentional action at the People's Choice Awards. The incident stemmed from a clip recorded by a TikToker of the moment Billie Eilish turned to the other person and said a sentence whose content was rumored through lip reading: "There are some TikTokers here!" .

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 1

Up to now, the content behind this clip, or whether Billie Eilish's statement is like that, has not been confirmed or voiced by anyone. However, netizens still firmly affirm that the female singer's mouth is precisely to convey to the person next to her.

The male TikToker who posted this clip expressed anger and said that he and other TikTokers were personally invited by the People's Choice Awards: "Anyone sitting at the table area is invited by the PCAAs."

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 2

He felt dissatisfied when a famous female artist had such a discriminatory attitude: "I will talk about how disgusting Billie Eilish felt when TikTokers appeared at the People's Choice Awards. I am a among them."

This TikToker's name is Bryce Hall, he has nearly 24 million followers as well as nearly 2 billion likes on his channel, and is a big name in the world.

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 3

After the clip spread, many people criticized Billie Eilish for the above action. Many people think she is impolite and has too rude an attitude. However, there are also many cases defending Billie Eilish, saying that her words were quite normal and did not offend anyone. Some opinions also said that the issue of TikTokers attending big events is not a story specific to any country. Furthermore, this is just speculation from netizens based on the female singer's mouth, instead of hearing these words from her mouth.

This is not the first time Billie Eilish has been criticized by netizens for her statements and actions.

Specifically, a TikTok account posted many undated videos on its channel, in which the owner of the hit Bad guy mocked the pronunciation of Asian people and used obscene slang to talk about people of Asian origin. China. Not only that, Billie Eilish's brother - Finneas also asked his sister why she pronounced like a black person.

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 4

The series of videos above quickly caused a "storm" on social networks, receiving hundreds of thousands of views. A large audience expressed anger at the actions of Billie Eilish and her brother and called for a boycott of the young female singer with the hashtag #CancelBillieEilish. "I'm very disappointed in her", "I didn't expect someone like Billie who always calls for equal rights to do this", "Fake", "What kind of joke is she playing"... these are the words. comments from netizens.

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 5

Billie then took the step of posting an explanation story on Instagram about this racist suspicion.

"I'm so disgusted and ashamed that I want to vomit because I said that word. Despite my ignorance and youth, there is no excuse for that phrase causing harm to many people." So I want to apologize to everyone," the female singer wrote.

At that time, her Instagram also had a strong increase in followers after the above "scandal", because many netizens believed in Billie, providing a lot of evidence that she was not only not racist but also very times to speak up for justice for people of color.

However, there are also many netizens who are not satisfied, and think that Billie needs to upload a post, pin it to the top or add it to Instagram highlights, instead of posting a Story because it will disappear after 24 hours.

The singer said the video was filmed when she was about 13 years old and was not aware of the meaning of those racist terms.

Billie Eilish expressed disdain for the TikTokers invited to the awards ceremony - Photo 6

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