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Qiao Zheng burst into tears revealing that the hidden corner was 'physically impacted' by her husband to madness, looking for d.eath herself

Yang Mi09:28:17 18/08/2023
After many events of her life, actress Kieu Trinh chose for herself a light and peaceful life with her elderly father and children, rarely revealing hidden corners in marriage. This made Yulan feel sorry.

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Actor Trong Lan wrote a heart letter to his future wife's family, saying that he was not "bad" and "infamous"

Ngọc Sa12:35:36 15/07/2023
Constantly being commented on as a bad b.oy on the screen, actor Trong Lan recently posted a letter to his future wife's family, in order to justify himself.

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Kieu Trinh was upset and posted on the forum to directly say that her colleague harmed her?

Yang Mi15:23:19 04/05/2023
The article expressed the frustration that people believed to be related to the entertainment industry were playing tricks on her and trying to harm her. Actress Bi, don't be afraid - Kieu Trinh has received the attention of colleagues and fans. tomb.

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