New girlfriend Duong Duong "falls without brakes", a small flower "thi phi" sits without benefit

Uyển ĐìnhAug 03, 2023 at 11:43

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Vuong So Nhien's decline in recent times has become a topic of much discussion on social networks. In addition, many people believe that thanks to this, "Wonder Woman" Luu Hao Ton suddenly became more popular with netizens.

Contrary to audience expectations, Fireworks of My World became one of the most cursed films of the year because of the acting of the main cast and the details in the film. Because of being criticized so fiercely, Vuong So Nhien's reputation was also severely affected.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 1

Continually entangled in negative rumors, Vuong So Nhien successfully usurped Luu Hao Cun to become the most hated flower Douyin. Before that, "Wonder Woman" Luu Hao Ton with anti-heaven resources and some scandalous stories around also suffered a lot of hate from netizens.

However, at the present time, after Vuong So Nhien met with turbulence, Liu Hao Cun suddenly made netizens realize his advantages.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 2

Some bloggers pointed out that, instead of a sharp beauty like Vuong So Nhien, Luu Hao Ton has an innocent and fragile look that makes others want to protect and protect. Moreover, Liu Hao Cun's "small white flower" appearance makes it easier for her to create chemistry with her co-star than Vuong So Nhien, not being picky about her co-star's appearance. Before that, Vuong So Nhien was praised a lot when he paired with Peng Quan Anh, but when he went to Duong Duong, he lacked heat.

Besides, Luu Hao Ton himself has no traffic, so it causes little trouble when filming with anyone. She also does not attach great importance to the issue of position, so she is very popular with fans of current traffic students.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 3

However, many people also believe that Vuong So Nhien was in trouble because of the inappropriate choice of the script, leading to many controversies. As for Luu Hao Ton, the concubines surrounding the 2k flower g.irl used to make many people angry.

According to Baidu, Liu Hao Cun was born on May 20, 2000 in Changchun City, Jilin Province, is a film and television actress in Mainland China. She was the valedictorian of the folk dance major of the Beijing Dance Academy. Although he had no acting experience, he caught the eye of Zhang Yimou and signed an exclusive contract as an artist for the great director's studio from his second year of university.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 4

She began to be known when she starred in Zhang Yimou's One Second project. Since then, she has been favored by the media as "Mau wolf", but this title is also the beginning of many controversies after that. Liu Hao Cun became "the most hated witch" because of her normal beauty, bad acting, difficult to compare with Zhang Ziyi and Ni Ni in her twenties, let alone Gong Loi.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 5

Liu Hao Cun was once caught up in a case of age f.raud. It is known that the actress had a profile at another artist management company, which clearly stated that she was born in 1998, not 2000.

Another source accused Liu Hao Cun of denying his homeland. She claimed to be born in Changchun City, Jilin, but in fact her birthplace was Tonghua - a poor, remote area in Jilin. Her rejection of her poor hometown caused outrage. The audience asked her directly: "fake age, fake hometown, so what is real?".

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 6

Moreover, the fact that she is so favored makes the audience shake their heads tiredly. Rookie Luu Hao Ton was once ranked on par with seniors like Dich Duong Thien Ty, Tran Phi Vu, Chau Dong Vu ... or still acted in movies despite being entangled in many scandals such as the family's past that caused an accident that caused an accident. The victim was permanently paralyzed, falsified her age to avoid competing with the 9X flower youth, was directly called "desperately illiterate" by CCTV because of her poor acting, no respect for karma and poor manners.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 7

In addition, the recent beauty of "Mau female lang" has also been exposed and criticized. On the set, she showed a tired, degraded look. By the time he posted the photo himself, Luu Hao Ton climbed straight to the 1st place in Weibo's h.ot search because of his strange appearance, shyness and suspicion of "cutlery". Many people said that they no longer recognized Liu Hao Cun, even though they did not exactly remember her face before.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 8

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 9

Many people believe that, with a declining reputation because of the market, the skills are weak, surely Luu Hao Ton's position will not last long if she does not know how to move forward, change her positive image. more extreme.

New girlfriend Duong Duong falls without brakes, a small flower thi phi sits without benefit - Photo 10

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