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Understand the psychology of people who don't talk in class groups, don't go to class meetings, but don't leave class groups

Phi Đức13:28:41 29/11/2023
After graduating, many people tend to stay silent in their old class groups. They don't see each other during class reunions. They don't leave class groups, and sometimes they even read messages very enthusiastically. What is the reason?

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Mingjian wisely, seized the opportunity to shine like the main palace, showed his attitude when meeting old friends after the coronation

Nắng09:51:43 22/08/2023
During the Miss World Vietnam 2023 Final, the beauty of the 2nd runner-up - Huynh Minh Kien caused controversy because there were comments that she lacked to stand out from other contestants.

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Minh Hang hinted that the 'birth' day was approaching, old friend Ha Ho immediately went to his personal page to do this.

Huỳnh Phúc15:05:50 02/08/2023
She is the second most influential pregnant mother in Vietnamese showbiz. Minh Hang just vaguely revealed the date of childbirth on her personal page, and her senior went to her personal page to make a surprise.

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The killer who assassinated former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed many mysterious, not simple details

Nắng15:16:52 09/07/2022
The suspect who Abe Shinzo, named Tetsuya Yamagami, was arrested at the scene. Police said the gunman used a homemade firearm. Currently, authorities are investigating whether the subject acted alone. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated yesterday...

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S.HOCK: Married female teacher, cheating with student's parents

Nam Phương12:00:06 11/05/2022
Ms. A (43 years old) is a teacher living in Ho Chi Minh City. She has been married since the age of 23. Having lived in a marriage with an abusive, unhappy husband, she has become a third person. Although the wrong love affair ended a long time ago, regret is still imprinted in...

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After "unmasking" the singer s.tabbed in the back, Phuong Thanh was "smashed by the bad guys"

Nam Phương13:46:55 19/03/2022
Phuong Thanh continues to have problems after dramas on social networks. In recent days, Phuong Thanh has attracted attention when she publicly exposed an old colleague on her personal page. According to the voice of "Drum Void", over the past 10 years, this character has...

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Kim Seon Ho was vindicated by his old friend, r.evealing his true personality when he was in school

Duyên Trần09:15:48 28/10/2021
Recently, an anonymous person, claiming to be an alumnus of Seoul Institute of the Arts - the prestigious school where Kim Seon Ho graduated, said: "I read an article titled Opinions from Kim Seon Ho's Schoolmates and decided to tell everyone what I've been through." This person...

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Kim Seon Ho was accused of "flying by" by his ex-friend, the noisy brute f.orced his girlfriend to leave her c.hild

Hậu Hậu10:00:59 23/10/2021
Recently, the Korean audience has not stopped talking about Kim Seon Ho being called in the media because of the controversy about forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion. Not only that, he was also exposed by his girlfriend as a two-faced person far from the beautiful image...

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