An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks

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Referring to classic Chinese films, one cannot ignore the TV series adapted from the novel Red Castle Dream, one of the Four Great Letters of this country.

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 1

The Red Castle adaptation of Cao Xuanjian's classic of the same name, premiered in 1987. The film, directed by Wang Fulin, revolves around the love affair between Jia Baoyu (played by Auyang Chaoqiang) and Lin Daiyu (Chen Xiaoxiu), thereby depicting the life of a large noble family of the Ming dynasty from peak to decline within eight years.

In addition to the tragedy of actor Lam Dai Ngoc, many female artists participating in the work had an unsmooth fate.

Lam Dai Yu

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 2

Lin Dayu, the soul of the work, is portrayed by Chen Xiaoxiu. She went to the monastery in 2007. In the last days of his life, Chen Xiaoxiu lived in pain from breast cancer. She died in May 2007. Every year on the day of Chen Xiaoxiu's birth and d.eath, many people come to the actor's grave to lay flowers in her memory.

An Van

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 3

An Wen played Hong Lou Dream in his twenties and is famous for playing the role of the c.hild Love Wen, the servant of Bao Ngoc.

She married musician To Viet in 1991, a sweet, happy marriage. In 2008, Su Yue was sued for cheating the contract, amounting to 57 million yuan ($8.1 million). The musician was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

An Van sold her house, poured all her savings into paying off her husband's debt, but it was not enough. While her husband was in prison, she struggled to pay off her debts and cover her living expenses. Actors stay in rented houses, now and then, sometimes having to stay at acquaintances' houses because they cannot find cheap rooms. She had been hungry in the middle of a cold day, without a piece of dumpling.

In 2018, To Viet died before finishing her prison term, extinguishing An Van's hopes of reuniting her husband. The actor said he both loved and hated Su Viet. She said she was sick, living that day or day, but tried to think positively. An Van still rents a house, makes a living by acting and running shows.

Yue Yun

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 4

Yue Yun joined the Red Castle film troupe in 1984, attending acting training classes to choose roles. According to Ifeng, when she first joined the troupe, she was praised by many people for her beauty, and was directed to play Wang Xifeng.

During his time in the Red Castle troupe, Yue Yun met Hong Kong actor Luo Li (1938-2002). The actor left the film crew to go to Hong Kong with Luo Li, dreaming of marrying the actor. The role of Wang Xifeng ("Phoenix") was therefore assigned to actor Deng Tiep.

In Hong Kong, Luo "hid" his mistress in his mansion, turning her into a "prostitute" because he had a wife and children. He repeatedly found an excuse to refuse when Yue Yun offered to marry.

In 1994, Luo introduced Yue Yun to film in Hong Kong, but she did not speak Cantonese, so she was only allowed to play some supporting roles. In the same year, Luo Li's wife discovered that her husband adopted Yue Yun. The actor abandoned her to keep her family and stopped providing for his mistress. According to QQ, Yue Yun was indignant, and tried Luo Li to i.nsult him, but the actor told the police that she harassed his family.

After being abandoned by her lover, Yue Yun rented a house for a meager salary, and she also picked up her mother in Shanghai to live in Hong Kong. In 1995, Hong Kong cinema was in a recession, with Yue Yun playing fewer and fewer roles. In order to get m.oney, she accepted to act in sensitive films directed by Wang Jing. By 1996, she had done something foolish, aged 28.

Co Ngoc

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 5

Co Ngoc was born in 1967, playing Sa Ngoc in the work. Originally named Co Boijiet, because he loved the role of Sa Ngoc, the actor took the stage name Co Ngoc. Co Ngoc married at the age of 20, giving birth to a daughter a year later. By the age of 26, the actress divorced, became a single mother. For many years, Co Ngoc has been a vegetarian, closed the concept of Buddha and worked on propagating Buddhist culture.

An Van, Co Ngoc and the Red Castle Dream beauties: People who died of cancer, people who went to monks - Photo 6

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