"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter?

Hoàng PhúcMay 09, 2023 at 16:12

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Negative information related to husband and wife Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo has caused controversy on Korean social media forums in recent days. Recently, the actress has officially spoken about the issue.

In the latest episode of You Quiz On The Block, "evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon revealed that her husband Lee Sang Woo did not let her turn on the heating when it became cold. She also shared about the reason why her husband did not agree with using the heater too early: "Around the end of September and the beginning of October, I wanted to turn on the heating system because it was already cold. But my husband did not. He doesn't let me do that. He thinks that the temperature in the room must be lowered to a certain level to be able to adapt to the cold winter." Kim So Yeon added that the actress's family started turning on the heater on November 2 because it coincided with her birthday.

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 1

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 2

Immediately after the show ended, Korean netizens "stoned" actor Lee Sang Woo because he thought he had psychologically manipulated and abused his wife on cold days. Besides, there were also many viewers who defended the actor born in 1980 when he said that starting to turn on the heater in November did not deserve condemnation. These netizens claim that this is still considered a fairly early time to start using indoor heating.

On the evening of May 7, Kim So Yeon officially spoke up on her personal Instagram after the controversy related to her actor husband. Accordingly, the beauty Penthouse defended her husband and gave him many "winged" compliments: "My husband is someone who cares more about my health than anyone else. He said I shouldn't. He used the heater too early and even advised me to exercise to improve my immune system. Thanks to him, I feel much better now."

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 3

"We decided to start turning on the heater on November 2, right on my birthday. Because my speaking ability is not very good, the expression (on the show You Quiz On The Block) has many new words. But also thank you very much for everyone's concern and concern for me", the beauty has a soft attitude towards netizens who criticize her husband.

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 4

Kim So Yeon - Lee Sang Woo first met at the set of the work Happy Home (Gia Hoa Van Su Thanh). In the process of cooperation, they gradually flutter before each other. And in September 2016, the two stars announced that they were dating in a burst of fans. They officially returned to the same house after the fairy-tale wedding in mid-2017.

At the age of 43, Kim So Yeon has a slim b.ody, a firm second round, and almost no signs of time.

Sleep in moderation

According to Beauty321, Kim So Yeon is very aware of the importance of sleep for the skin. Therefore, she always tries to maintain the habit of sleeping early, getting enough sleep so that the b.ody has enough time to recover and regenerate the skin. Kim So Yeon is also said that no matter how busy she is, she always takes one day a week to rest and relax. She often takes advantage of this day off to see a dermatologist, performing intensive skin care routines.

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 5

Omega 3 boost

Kim So Yeon's diet often has many foods rich in omega 3 such as avocados, salmon, walnuts, chia seeds... This group of foods is rich in good fats that have the ability to reduce inflammation and boost immunity. for b.ody. Consuming this food group also helps to keep the skin soft and firm. For physique, omega 3 supports increasing metabolism, limiting appetite and increasing muscle, reducing fat.

Practice Pilates

Kim So Yeon usually has 2-3 pilates sessions per week, helping her improve her toned and s.exy b.ody. This discipline also contributes to correcting posture, enhancing balance, b.ody control and strengthening flexibility. Regular exercise also plays a big role in helping b.lood circulation, enhancing detoxification through sweat secretion, making skin brighter and smoother.


Kim So Yeon considers moisturizing as the key to keeping her skin healthy and beautiful. After cleaning her skin at the end of the day, she often spends time massaging with oil to replenish moisture and nourish the skin. This habit also contributes to increasing b.lood circulation to make the skin more rosy and fresh.

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 6

So Yeon also has a habit of applying a thick layer of aloe vera gel as a moisturizing step, similar to a sleeping mask for the skin. The actress revealed that applying this way helped her feel much softer the next morning. Besides, aloe vera gel also has the function of soothing the skin.

"Evil Penthouse" Kim So Yeon was psychologically manipulated by her husband, a bad partner, f.orced to do this in the winter? - Photo 7

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