Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be "sidelined" when ending the show with a cast of beauties

Mẫn NhiDec 02, 2023 at 20:48

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Although it took many years to find a foothold in the profession, until she was crowned 1st runner-up in Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, Huong Ly still continuously suffered from "sidelines" when ending the show with the flower sisters - the runner-up.

On the evening of 1/12, the cult cast attracted attention when gathering in large numbers at the show of designer Le Thanh Hoa.

At the end of the show, when all the beauties acted first-face, vedette such as Miss Luong Thuy Linh, Ky Duyen, supermodel Minh Trieu, in addition, on the stage, there was also runner-up Huong Ly standing for photos with the designer. While others were given flowers of gratitude, Huong Ly was the only one who was not represented to give flowers that caused public grief.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 1

Many viewers were upset and thought that Huong Ly was treated more unfairly than other beauties. However, many comments disputed this opinion and affirmed that the beauty from Gia Lai does not act in an important position, so it is normal not to be given flowers.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 2

Not long ago, during a show of designer Adrian Anh Tuan, fans were extremely sorry when watching a series of clips of Huong Ly standing clapping and watching the models end the show with the designer.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 3

Specifically, social networks posted a clip when 4 beauties (Le Hang, H'Hen Niê, Kim Duyen, Ngoc Chau) held hands and walked together in the ending of the show. Notably, Huong Ly also caught the camera while standing clapping in a corner of the runway with little-known models. This moment was widely shared by netizens and attracted discussion. Many people feel happy when they see Huong Ly now having the title but also just watching the sisters perform in beautiful positions.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 4

However, many others believe that each position in the show is decided by the designer to see who is suitable. Moreover, Huong Ly has not been the "maternal mother" of designer Adrian Anh Tuan. So it is completely normal for her to "act" or even not appear in this collection. Besides, the moment Huong Ly stood clapping and watching the sisterhood perform showed more cheer than regret. In addition, some netizens said that any performance position in the show is also important and it comes from each person's own efforts.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 5

Huong Ly is one of the famous names of Vietnamese fashion village and beauty contests. She comes from a modeling background and also excelled at the Champion of Vietnam Model Contest: Vietnam's Next Top Model 2015. But Huong Ly has a passion for beauty pageants, specifically Miss Universe. She has participated in Miss Universe Vietnam four times to seek opportunities to represent Vietnam in the international arena as well as help her career be more "sublimated".

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 6

However, in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contest, she only stopped at the 1st runner-up position, losing the "export" ticket to Bui Quynh Hoa. However, it is also a great title that many people aspire to have. Fans also believe that it will be a springboard for Huong Ly to shine brighter in the future and especially on big runways. Unfortunately, the "buffalo girl" still often has to "act" and rarely has the opportunity to be a vedette or first-face. This makes Huong Ly's fans sad for her "fate" and hard work over the years.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 7

In 2023, when Miss Universe has a new copyright holder in Vietnam, Huong Ly continues to compete and excelled as 1st runner-up. However, the "change of owner" has had many changes in the position and communication of the domestic contest. Therefore, it can be said that since her coronation, not only has the Miss encountered a lot of markets, even had to limit her public appearance. Then the runner has not really found a high position for herself as before.

Runner-up Huong Ly continued to be sidelined when ending the show with a cast of beauties - Photo 8

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