Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji

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Seo Ye Ji is currently still the focus of the newspapers because of the scandal of manipulating and controlling ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, not allowing him to play intimate scenes with Seohyun (SNSD). There have been a series of detailed posts r.evealing that the actress has a special way of "training" her boyfriend, making these people fall madly in love with Seo Ye Ji and listen to her.

Yunho (DBSK) is also one of Seo Ye Ji's rumored boyfriends. The couple is said to have fallen in love while filming the movie Diary Of A Night Watchman in 2014. On April 14, reporter Lee Jin Ho posted a video, quoting a staff member saying that Yunho had many strange acts while filming, raising the suspicion that the leader of DBSK is also one of the boyfriends controlled by Seo Ye Ji.

Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji - Photo 1

This studio staff said, "When filming Diary Of A Night Watchman first started, the atmosphere on set was still very bright and vibrant. Yunho was very friendly with all staff, whether male or female staff. However, he gradually spoke less to the staff."

"Normally he's very friendly and pleasant when the staff adjusts his makeup after each scene. But one day, Yunho suddenly became uncomfortable, standing there with his eyes closed, face raised, hands clasped behind his back. back and said 'Hurry up'. He also continued to nag 'Don't touch me'. He said that to even his close stylists who specialize in Hanbok adjustment" - revealed by school staff filming surprised netizens because Yunho has always been known to have a gentle attitude to everyone around.

Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji - Photo 2

Not only that, Yunho also had difficulty drinking water, causing people to worry that he had an eating disorder. At this time, the leader of DBSK looked very exhausted, exhausted, unable to shower. The studio staff went on to r.eveal that Yunho couldn't leave the phone, take calls and was like being ordered by someone.

Reporter Lee Jin Ho continued to quote Seo Ye Ji's "disclosure" staff: "The atmosphere on Seo Ye Ji's side is also not good. It is said that Seo Ye Ji hates to see her staff's interactions. working with other actors' staff. When these staff members talk to each other on set, the actress will look at them and glare. Immediately, Seo Ye Ji's staff will have to leave."

An insider from The Night Watchman said: "Although we caught the two of them watching each other, we can't say that we know about their relationship. maintaining the atmosphere of the movie circuit is always required, so it seems like they try to make sure they don't influence the crew, though, I don't think anyone can hide a love story You can see the eyes they have for each other are really different."

Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji - Photo 3

In 2014, Yunho and Seo Ye Ji became a h.ot topic because of dating rumors. However, the two actors insist they are just friends. According to Lee Jin Ho who is known as "the president of the entertainment industry", most of the time, Seo Ye Ji and Yunho's managers always park their cars right next to each other.

"The two were spotted spending a lot of time together in a car between breaks, waiting for the next scene. The staff sometimes heard Seo Ye Ji scream very loudly," Lee Jin Ho said.

Of course, this is just an unconfirmed rumor, but netizens are still extremely confused. Currently, there are many articles on the internet that "exploit" Seo Ye Ji, but there are also employees who testify that the actress is very friendly and kind. A series of conflicting information makes netizens "lucky", not knowing what is the truth.

On Kim Jung Hyun's side, being exposed to the scandal of alienating Seo Hyun on the set of Time (2018), Kim Jung Hyun's career is likely to hit a dead end. Korean and Asian audiences alike criticized the actor's unprofessional, even rude behavior.

The audience reacted sharply because no male actor, including A-list and S-class actors like Jung Woo Sung, Kim Soo Hyun, Bi Rain... had ever revealed his behavior like Kim Jung Hyun. "The actor landed where he caused an unprecedented scandal in showbiz"

Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji - Photo 4

Yunho (DBSK) is suspected of being the next boyfriend controlled by Seo Ye Ji - Photo 5

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