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Mrs. Nhan Vlog hugged her c.hild and cried in the middle of the night because she lost her channel with only 5 million followers

Đình Như20:02:35 27/05/2024
After a period of limited video making due to the birth of her first daughter, Ms. Nhan Vlog has returned to her job as a youtuber. However, recently, she suddenly hugged her c.hild and cried in the middle of the night, announcing the sad news.

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Mrs. Nhan Vlog took care of her daughter alone, filmed her vlog, held her c.hild in the middle of the night and cried because she was upset about something

Hoàng Phúc15:15:54 16/05/2024
After 5 long years of searching for a c.hild, Mrs. Nhan Vlog (real name Duc Nhan) finally gave birth to her first daughter smoothly. After giving birth, the Youtube female was praised by the audience for skillfully taking care of her c.hild. The b.aby is so plump and adorable.

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Ms. Nhan Vlog bragged about buying a new house in the most expensive area in SG, but announced that she would not settle in Vietnam for this reason!

JLO15:54:57 30/05/2023
Spending "huge" m.oney to buy a luxury apartment in the heart of Saigon, Duc Nhan and his wife have no intention of settling in Vietnam for a long time. Recently, Ms. Nhan Vlog spoke out clearly about this issue. After quietly returning to Vietnam to perform tubal ligation...

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