Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of "number one beauty" when he encounters this in his acting career

Nhật HânAug 28, 2023 at 13:33

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In a behind-the-scenes clip of the production crew of My Smoke and Fire, netizens realized that Wang Chu Nhien accidentally got into 1 "taboo" that made her career path slip.

Recently, a behind-the-scenes clip of the production crew and the famous cast in the project "Smoke and Fire of My World" has just been posted by the station. Thereby, netizens quickly noticed a difference of Wang Chu Nhien's flower, the actress "reluctantly" caught the eyes of the crew looking at her full of disgust and resentment.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 1

The staff of the film crew also commented that Wang Chu Yan was a difficult person to work with when filming less seriously, did not care about the hard work of the staff, was short-tempered and difficult to work with on set.

Immediately, this video was compared to the video of the staff looking at Zhao Liying affectionately. It is known that the beauty surnamed Zhao has a very good relationship with everyone around, and her personality is also very gentle and pleasant.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 2

Netizens sarcastically said that Wang Chu Yan was not famous but had too much "star demeanor", needing to learn the humility of his elders. Otherwise, a later career is unlikely to be wide open.

Wang Chu Yan was one of the potential miniatures of the Chinese screen. Possessing outstanding beauty and temporary acting ability, the actress is favorably called Xiao Liu Yifei. However, since collaborating on this film project, Wang Chu Tian's character has suddenly become one of the most hated characters on the Chinese screen.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 3

Because of hating the character of Hua Shen, the audience also turned to criticize Wang Chu Chen. Many negative comments on posts about the actress born in 1999. In addition, viewers also flooded Wang Chu Tian's advertisements, causing many brands to delete posts about the young star, even quickly denying to cooperate with Wang Chu Nhien for fear of being ostracized by the audience.

Wang Chu Tian's reputation was also affected when he revealed his photo of entering the hotel for 3 days with Yang Yang, although the two did not confirm the love scandal, Wang Chu Tian's career was still affected quite a lot.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 4

After finishing My Human Smoke and Fire and garnering a negative reaction from the audience, Wang returned to play the costume. The actress had just joined the crew of Qiao Chen but was involved in stunt a.buse, clashing with Ren Min,... Wang Chu Chen who was exclamated by netizens is indeed a "heat-bearing" type, any issue creates a problem to discuss, very h.ot.

This is not the first time Xiao Hua has encountered a wave of negative reactions from netizen. Not stopping being scolded for the afterglow of the work, the young star continued to be "constantly robbed" of shoulders, r.evealing his short-tempered nature in his private life and treating colleagues rudely, calling the salon's customers witches,... There is even information posted, the name Wang Chu Nhien originally belonged to a friend from her childhood, but since joining showbiz, she did not understand why the actress took this friend's name and made it hers.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 5

It was from the above that "Xiao Zhao Liying" suddenly became the most hated female star of the year in the country of billions of people. Sina commented that Wang Chu Yan is a rising star, and the negative reaction she receives now greatly affects her reputation. Even when the actress went to meet the producer to discuss her new project Difficult Coaxing, the audience also objected, not wanting her to take on the character of Wen Yifan. Meanwhile, Wang Chu Yan is the name nominated to play this role because of his good appearance and good acting.

Wang Chu Yan was born in 1999, due to his many similarities to Liu Yifei, so he was called "Xiao Liu Yifei", the new generation billion-billion fairy. The beauty is in the rising group of miniature flowers born after 1995. The actress, whether supporting or leading, still resonates like the roles in The General Above Me Below, Peace of Music, Heard You Like Me... Therefore, she gradually became favored by the producer, entrusted with the main roles in large projects.

Wang Chu Chen deserves the title of number one beauty when he encounters this in his acting career - Photo 6

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