Who Is The Princess?

Topic: Who Is The Princess?

Cecilia Cheung and Vuong Phi were put on the scales at the big show, Nicholas Tse spoke out harshly

Bình Yên14:34:40 28/11/2023
Cecilia Cheung bought a house in Shanghai and transferred her children's schools here. Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse lives at Vuong Phi's villa in Beijing and regularly goes to Hong Kong to visit his parents and handle work.

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Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi

Nắng16:00:14 25/11/2023
Recently, when Tse attended an event and was asked if he would celebrate Christmas with Vuong Phi this year, the actor did not answer but his face was very sweet, r.evealing a rare shyness.

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Despite being pregnant, Vuong Phi decided to "close the curtain" when she heard that Cecilia Cheung intended to return to Nicholas Tse?

Bình Yên14:27:34 18/11/2023
It was reported that Nicholas Tse revised his will to include Vuong Phi's daughter. This move seems to have aroused people's curiosity and thoughts about his troubled personal life.

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Vuong Phi hates a person 'to the bone': The reason is related to Nicholas Tse - Truong Ba Chi

Nắng08:00:37 24/10/2022
Few people know that there is a man Vuong Phi hates to the bone, that is Ta Hien. After Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse got back together, the two planned to get married, but because of Ta Hien's objection, they have only been together for 5 years. Ta Hien once publicly stated that...

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