Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi

NắngNov 25, 2023 at 16:00

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Recently, when Tse attended an event and was asked if he would celebrate Christmas with Vuong Phi this year, the actor did not answer but his face was very sweet, r.evealing a rare shyness.

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 1

It's been 9 years since the two were rumored to be reunited in 2014. Although they were repeatedly caught up in breakup rumors during this time, they still always used practical actions to counter the rumors.

A few months ago, the keyword phrase "Tse Tse, Vuong Phi broke up" attracted top attention on the social network Weibo. Many people shared the article saying the two ended their 9-year relationship, Tse is currently focusing on work and Vuong Phi wants to live a quiet life.

On On , the actor said: "Stop spreading rumors about me and Vuong Phi from time to time, okay?" This page describes that when giving an interview, Nicholas Tse's tone was mixed with anger and dissatisfaction.

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 2

After nearly 10 years together, the couple was rumored many times to "have a child", "break up", "Dinh Phong reunited with Cecilia Cheung" but rarely responded. They also limit public appearances together because they do not want to attract attention with their romance.

Nicholas Tse - Vuong Phi are the most famous "sisterly love" couple in the Chinese entertainment industry.

At that time, Nicholas Tse was still a 19-year-old rookie, while Vuong Phi was already famous in the music industry. Furthermore, the two have a huge age difference of 11 years, which made this "sister relationship" rocky from the beginning.

For Nicholas Tse, Vuong Phi is not only a senior in the music industry but also his female idol when he was young. It is known that when Vuong Phi held a concert in 1994, Nicholas Tse, then only 14 years old, was attracted to the "queen queen"'s voice and became her fanboy.

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 3

Nicholas Tse - Tse's younger sister also revealed that her brother at that time was very fascinated with the famous singer and bought many CDs, magazines and even various pictorial photos of Vuong. Fly.

Later, when Wong Fei went to Vancouver, Canada to attend a charity concert, Nicholas Tse brought his mother, Dilraba Dilmurat, backstage to meet the singer. At that time, Tse also asked Vuong Phi to sign for him, the signature was on Tse's pants. There is information that after Vuong Phi signed, this pair of pants was kept by Nicholas Tse as his treasure.

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 4

In 1999, Nicholas Tse also debuted as an artist. At his concert, Nicholas Tse expressed his desire to sing the song "Hong Dau" by Wong Fei. To show his sincerity, Nicholas Tse also changed the name of this song to "My Love Pink Bean 1999", this shows that his love for Vuong Phi is revealed right in the name.

Both are Hong Kong singers, Nicholas Tse also befriended Wong Phi and they were often photographed going out to nightclubs together. It wasn't until 2000, at a movie premiere party, that the two admitted their relationship. After the celebration party, Vuong Phi generously held Nicholas Tse's hand and walked out, officially announcing their relationship.

They broke up in 2002. After that, they both started their own families and then divorced. Nicholas Tse divorced Cecilia Cheung in 2011 and Vuong Phi - Ly A Bang broke up in 2013.

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 5

In 2014, Dinh Phong and Vuong Phi were filmed by paparazzi having an intimate scene at the actor's private home, from which the story of their reunion was revealed. In recent years, the love story of the two artists has always attracted many comments on social networks and forums. The audience often argues that the two artists are a good couple or "irresponsible and selfish". A stream of opinions supports them living as they wish, freely loving, as long as they do not violate morality or the law. Others criticized Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse for "abandoning their children to follow the call of love".

Vuong Phi, 54 years old, is a leading singer in the Chinese music industry. In addition to singing, the beauty acted in famous movies such as Chongqing Sampani , Nguyen Chan Hiep , 2046 , Unparalleled Heaven ...

Nicholas Tse was born in 1980, joined the entertainment industry at the age of 15, has the ability to compose songs, and has won the Most Popular Male Singer a.ward at Chinese music industry awards many times. Dinh Phong is also famous for the films Man's Identity, The Disappearing Bullet, Infinity, New Shaolin Temple, New Police Story, Phong Van 2, Fury .

Nicholas Tse was revealed to have become a father again, showing his attitude when it comes to Vuong Phi - Photo 6

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