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David Beckham has a strange marriage, living together for 25 years and somehow it lasts

Đức Trí18:53:34 11/06/2024
David Beckham and Victoria are a couple who are very famous to audiences around the world. They are about to celebrate their 25th year of living together, but until now, the two still do not understand why they have been able to stay strong until now.

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David Beckham chooses a wife very difficult, what does Victoria have that makes her favored?

Đức Trí13:27:34 23/03/2024
According to People, David Beckham just shared about his love story and marriage journey with Victoria in the latest episode of the show This Life of Mine with James Corden. During the conversation, the former football player recalled the moment he fell in love with Victoria even more. 20...

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David Beckham's wife was exposed for lying, tricking viewers into 1 detail

Pinky13:45:53 08/01/2024
Victoria Beckham recently caused a stir online when she was suddenly exposed by the online community for lying, tricking the audience when posting skincare clips. Many people think it is a small thing but still cannot hide their disappointment from this.

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David Beckham made waves of 600,000 people with his exposing of his wife Victoria

T.P13:33:53 03/01/2024
Former player David Beckham is making waves online, hundreds of thousands of people have to laugh in unison at the situation when he exposed his wife Victoria, saying she is fake poor, fake misery, false to the public.

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David Beckham looks tired after the night of his 24th wedding anniversary, sending a sweet message to his wife Victoria

Kim Lâm15:42:30 06/07/2023
Power couple Victoria - David Beckham is considered a model couple of Hollywood because of the love story like in a fairy tale. After more than 2 decades, the sweet love of the player and the singer still makes the audience admire.

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David Beckham was 'reported' by his wife, his reputation continued to decline, fans competed to complain about it

Nắng09:21:52 04/02/2023
Besides fashion, in recent years Victoria Beckham has also sold beauty cosmetics. In the eyeliner promotional video, posted not long ago on Instagram, Victoria Beckham said she did not wear makeup

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Victoria Beckham "caught" the moment of bare face, almost got mercury p.oisoning for this reason?

Huỳnh Như15:18:10 15/03/2022
Rarely see "pure queen" Victoria Beckham bare-faced on the street, netizens speculate "or is there something wrong?" On March 12, the paparazzi suddenly caught the former singer and designer Victoria Beckham out on the street with her second son Romeo and youngest daughter...

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David Beckham "pumped" more than 1700 billion to cover losses, Victoria's company is still in danger of bankruptcy

Hoàng Phúc07:15:08 26/01/2022
During the 6 years of business, Victoria Beckham's business not only did not prosper, but also slipped in a hole. Recently, according to information from The Guardian, although starting a fashion and beauty business for 6 years, Victoria Beckham's brand is still constantly...

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David Beckham cooks a dish that "claws anger" on his wife, but he did not expect to leave an unprecedented "cheeky" message

Hoàng Phúc12:39:42 21/01/2022
The meal that David Beckham personally prepared for his wife has received the attention and attention of netizens with a very sweet message to make peace with his wife. Having lived in the same house for more than 2 decades, the marriage of David Beckham and his wife Victoria...

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