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ViruSs quarreled with Son Tung, even saying that the other person had a limited singing voice

Hướng Dương18:06:26 30/03/2024
Not long after the drama with Jack subsided, ViruSs continued to attract attention when commenting on Son Tung M-TP's live voice. He even frankly said that the male singer has a limited voice.

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ViruSs is looking for trouble in showbiz, from Jack to Bich Phuong but praising one person

Phi Yến14:44:49 12/03/2024
The battle with Jack has not yet ended, ViruSs continues to attract attention when frankly commenting that Bich Phuong's singing of the song Raising a Cup of Sorrow is not really good, Tang Duy Tan's performance would be more suitable.

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Jack posted a post implying that ViruSs was "foul play", using his name to m.ake m.oney

Snow16:26:40 08/03/2024
Just starting the day, Jack posted a forum hinting that someone played badly for the purpose of making some change, making netizens wave. Although he didn't specify who it was, the people called ViruSs.

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ViruSs once criticized Trang Phap, the female singer's response made many people respect her

Phi Đức16:40:03 27/01/2024
In 2021, the online community had the opportunity to stir up a f.ight between Trang Phap and ViruSs about the guy's comments about the female singer: Horribly bad writing, terrible lyrics, no knowledge of songwriting. .

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VirusSs had a strange expression when reacting to the Pink Venom MV, BLACKPINK fans demanded to come to their house

Nắng16:07:49 22/08/2022
H.ot streamer ViruSs receives a lot of attention for always having a frank reaction, giving highly professional comments on music products. That's why he couldn't avoid mixed opinions, but most people were satisfied and accepted because they thought he had musical knowledge...

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