Who Is Vidhia?

Topic: Who Is Vidhia?

Vidhia officially admitted 'love him Dat' after the cover was opened, the boat 'Thuy Tien - Dat Villa' sank from here?

Nắng15:20:22 03/11/2022
The love story between Dat Villa and his foreign girlfriend Vidhia has received the attention of the people. Even when everyone has gone their separate ways, the couple's every move is still fully noticed by the fans. Worth mentioning, after 5 times 7 breakups, recently the...

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Dat Villa posted a hidden forum, accusing Vidhia of not understanding?

Nắng10:11:29 12/07/2022
Dat Villa's real name is Dang Thanh Dat (SN 1994, from Hanoi). He is one of the famous TikTokers with young people today when he owns a channel of 7 million followers. The clips of Dat Villa are rated as bullshit, without special content, but the number of viewers and followers...

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Vidhia and Unna - 2 Indonesian female TikTokers, what do they have that causes a storm in Vietnamese social networks?

Nắng07:54:18 08/07/2022
From the special relationship with 2 famous Vietnamese Tiktokers, Dat Villa, Manh Tien Khoi, these two girls are widely known by the Vietnamese online community. Video Vidhia was born in 1999, an Indonesian h.ot TikToker, the number of her followers on this platform is also very...

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Ex-lover Dat Villa was mocked for having a scary beauty, not as shimmering as in the clip

Nắng09:19:31 27/06/2022
Before that, on social networks, there was also a clip recording the scene where Dat Villa looked emaciated after breaking up. The father-of-one looked tired, seemed to have fallen ill, lay unconscious in bed and had to have someone by his side to take care of every inch. After...

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Dat Villa and his foreign ex-girlfriend revealed evidence that they are still in love, will 'love again from the beginning'?

Nắng11:13:31 25/06/2022
After half a year of publicizing the love story, the last 3 visits to the enemy Dat Villa suddenly announced to his fan community that the two decided to break up. The one who actively wants to go their separate ways is Vidhia, even though the "top idol" still loves a lot. He...

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Vidhia is devastated when she hears that Dat Villa is sick: Still in love but can't come together!

Nắng14:06:16 24/06/2022
While Dat Viila fell ill, Vidhia also fell into a similar situation when appearing in a clip posted by a friend of hers. The bright, cheerful g.irl often has a weak heart with a tired, lifeless face. Dat Viila is one of the familiar names in the TikTok online community...

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Dat Villa fell ill, Vidhia smiled and danced after announcing the breakup

Nắng07:34:08 23/06/2022
Dat Villa and Vidhia - Indonesian girlfriends have known each other since August 2021 through a joint livestream. The first time he saw Vidhia, the h.ot tiktoker fell in love with her cute face. After the livestream, Dat Villa actively texted to get to know each other. Despite...

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Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried

Nắng09:20:57 22/06/2022
After breaking up with an Indonesian girlfriend named Vidhia, netizens recently actively shared a clip r.evealing the current status of h.ot tiktoker with nearly 5 million followers - Dat Villa. The clip recorded, Dat Villa looks quite tired, seems to have fallen ill, lies...

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Dat Villa officially revealed the time of marriage with Vidhia

Nắng10:32:12 09/06/2022
Dat Villa is currently one of Vietnam's million-follower Tiktokers. In addition to entertaining clips, Dat Villa is also known and loved by many people thanks to a cross-border love story with Indonesia's h.ot Tiktoker - Vidhia. During the past nearly 1 month, the name Vidhia has...

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