Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried

NắngJun 22, 2022 at 09:20

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After breaking up with an Indonesian girlfriend named Vidhia, netizens recently actively shared a clip r.evealing the current status of h.ot tiktoker with nearly 5 million followers - Dat Villa.

The clip recorded, Dat Villa looks quite tired, seems to have fallen ill, lies unconscious on the bed and has to have someone next to take care of every inch.

Dat Villa's condition makes his fans quite worried. Everyone sends words of encouragement and comfort to h.ot tiktoker.

In a recent livestream, Dat Villa revealed that he broke up with his girlfriend after 6 months of dating. In this broadcast, 9X also confirmed that more than half a year of love, their feelings for each other are sincere, there is no taking advantage of love to gain fame.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 1

Dat Villa is known as a h.ot TikToker with millions of followers. He once attracted attention when publicly dating his Indonesian girlfriend - Vidhia. Dat even flew 5000km to visit her in Indonesia, causing a storm on social networks.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 2

However, recently in a livestream, h.ot TikToker said that he and his foreign girlfriend had broken up: "Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported Dat and Vidhia over the past time. I say it again Dat and Vidhia has stopped."

"If in Vietnam, I follow Islam - Vidhia's religion, there are a lot of strict laws, whatever religion parents follow, their children follow that religion. So when I talked to Vidhia about religion, I came to visit. With each other, Vidhia did not accept to give up religion.I asked Vidhia about marriage between two religions, whether it is okay or not because Islam does not allow marriage with people of different religions, so we decided to stop. again", Dat said about the reason for the breakup.

Regarding the breakup, Dat Villa in the livestream confirmed that the two had a very meaningful 6 months of dating. Their love for each other is sincere, there is no such thing as taking advantage of "viewing" as many people think.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 3

Dat Villa's share quickly received the attention of the online community. After this statement, Dat Villa also posted a picture with a sad status line on his personal page: "All sad things will pass". Although "everyone went their separate ways", 9X still kept the picture taken with his girlfriend.

Along with the breakup announcement, netizens also discovered that Vidhia quickly deleted or hidden photos taken with her ex-lover. Previously, the two had many beautiful moments when traveling in Vietnam and Indonesia, so the couple's fans expressed their regret for this love story.

Dat Villa's real name is Dang Thanh Dat, born in 1994. Before becoming a h.ot TikToker, Dat Villa was just an ordinary barber, struggling to make a living. After earning income from TikTok, Dat Villa has a richer life and buys a Mercedes for about 3 billion VND.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 4

In August 2021, Dat Villa and Vidhia knew each other through a joint livestream, the h.ot TikToker immediately fell in love with the g.irl with a cute chubby face, so he quickly got acquainted. Despite the language difference, the two still try to use Google translate to confide every day.

"From close friends, I gradually fell in love with Vidhia and officially confessed on December 29, 2021. The hardest thing is probably geographical distance and language difference, but thanks to Google Translate and the Vidhia's intelligence as well as a special soulmate, we overcame that difficulty", Dat once shared.

In March this year, Dat Villa crossed 5000km to Indonesia to visit his girlfriend. The two had many romantic moments such as going to the beach to watch the sunset.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 5

In April, rumors spread on social networks that Dat Villa and Vidhia had broken up, but TikToker did not speak out about this information. In mid-May, he took a flight back to Indonesia to reunite with his girlfriend Vidhia. This is the second time, the h.ot guy TikToker came here to visit his girlfriend with the purpose of breaking up the breakup rumors and Dat wanted to ask Vidhia's mother's permission to take her to Vietnam to play. After a week in Vidhia's hometown, on May 11, Dat Villa returned to Vietnam with his girlfriend.

After a long time of love, separated by 5000km, the love story of Dat Villa and Vidhia does not have a beautiful ending that many people regret.

Dat Villa fell ill after breaking up with Vidhia, the situation made fans worried - Photo 6

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