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Tian Jiashui entered the profession of saying exactly 2 famous words, "old love" Bai Loc also greeted with embarrassment

Nguyễn Tuyết07:53:47 11/09/2023
This new male beauty surprised many netizens when they learned that Van Chi Vu was the first movie that he participated in, the 2nd series he is filming is also very interested by fans.

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Deng Wei officially boarded the flower car with his sister Bai Luo, the new bride is said to be "far behind" Yangtze?

Nguyễn Tuyết13:31:08 31/08/2023
After the resounding success of Xiangtu School, Deng Vi became the most sought-after face today, not only because of his stable acting ability but also because of his extreme beauty.

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Bach Loc's sister deserves the title of "excellent beauty", defeating both her sister and Duong Tu

Bình Minh10:48:08 02/08/2023
Appearing behind the scenes of the movie Van Tu Hanh, Ly Nhat Dong's new image was officially revealed. The beauty of Bach Loc's sister is said to eat off her sister and Duong Tu when she touches the shape.

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